Dental implants surgery many people consider the loss of one or more teeth as a huge aesthetic issue. After all, your smile is just not the same or that appealing when you have an incomplete set of pearly whites.

But with tooth loss, there is a lot more to be concerned about than how it affects your looks.

When you have one or more missing teeth and fail to replace them quickly, this can cause jaw bone loss. You will also experience difficulties chewing and may even develop certain speech issues.

Additionally, it can cause your teeth to shift unnecessarily, which will affect their position and appearance. Tooth loss can lead to bite irregularities as well.  

All these can lead to poorer oral health and the start of other annoying and stressful dental issues that can be costly to treat.

Replacing any missing tooth should not be a problem since there are many options to choose from. However, there is one solution that offers more benefits than others: dental implants.

When you get dental implants in Fort Lauderdale, a dentist will surgically place an artificial tooth root made of titanium or titanium alloy on your jaw. It will then fuse with your bones, thereby making them secure anchors for your tooth replacement option, which includes bridges, crowns, and other prostheses your dentist may recommend.  

Preparing for a Dental Implant Procedure

Installing dental implants in your jaw requires surgery. However, the procedure is not as invasive or complicated as it sounds.

But since it still involves surgery, you will do well to prepare for it properly.

Below are some tips for preparing well for your first dental implant surgery:

Ask your dentist all the questions you have

Once your dentist deems that you are a suitable candidate for implants and you agree to have the procedure, think about all the questions you have about the surgery.

List down any questions you have, including important prep steps you have to take, what happens during the procedure and how long it usually takes, and any issues or side effects you may have to deal with after the surgery.

You can get additional information about dental implants online, but remember that your dentist is still the best person to answer your questions and explain all the details involved in the surgery.

Keep in mind that the more informed you are, the more confident you will feel about the procedure. Your mind will also be at ease, and you will be able to relax before and during the surgery.

Inform your dentist about any medication you are taking and condition you have

Aside from asking questions, you also have to provide your dentist with information about the medical conditions you have and medicines you are currently taking. If you have recently undergone any surgery, give your dentist the details, too. 

It is important that you tell your dentist key details about your health since certain medical issues and orthopedic implants can affect the surgery. Moreover, the pain medication your specialist will prescribe might interfere with the medicines you are currently taking.

Make sure you also inform your dentist if you have any allergic reactions to antibiotics and if you tend to experience side effects with certain types of pain relievers so that you will be prescribed safer types of medicines.

Prepare for post-surgery – Dental Implants Surgery

After the procedure, you will feel groggy and experience some discomfort, especially if you will be sedated. As such, make sure you have someone who will pick you up and take you home from the dentist’s clinic.

If you were prescribed any medications to take after the surgery, it would be best to buy them before the procedure. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about purchasing them while you are still feeling dazed, and you can take them at home immediately or on schedule.

While at the pharmacy, get some gauze, which you can use to soak up bleeding, and ice packs for relieving any swelling. Ensure you have sufficient dental supplies as well, including antibacterial mouthwash.

Additionally, stock up on the right foods to eat after the surgery. You have to avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on your implant and affected site. This means skipping hard, chewy food for a while.

Fill your pantry and fridge with canned soups, mashed potatoes, pasta, oatmeal, yogurt, and soft ice cream. Also, stock up on soft fruits that you can use for smoothies and shakes, such as bananas, avocados, and berries.

Plan on taking it easy after the surgery – Dental Implants Surgery

Take some time off from work if you will be getting dental implants. Plan on getting at least three days of rest and recovery after the surgery.

Avoid any strenuous activity post-procedure as well. If your work requires some form of physical exertion, plan on taking a long leave of absence.

Additionally, tone down your workout routine temporarily. Abstain from any strenuous exercises and take it easy until you feel better.

Follow the given pre-surgery eating and drinking guidelines – Dental Implants Surgery

On the day before your surgery, you will be asked to fast for four to 12 hours before the procedure if you will be undergoing sedation. Ask your dentist about the specific fasting period required.

Fasting is important if you need to undergo sedation for the procedure since it reduces the chance of aspiration.

If you were told to stop taking any medications and supplements before the surgery, do so to ensure that they won’t cause any side effects or complications during and after the procedure.

Relax and get enough sleep the day before the procedure

If you are still feeling a bit nervous about the dental implants surgery, pamper yourself a bit the day before your surgery to relax and put your mind at ease.

Go to the movies, hang out with your friends, and treat yourself to your favorite meal and drink. However, make sure you do this before the recommended fasting hours.

Take it easy the day before the surgery as well. Although you may want to have fun, do not engage in strenuous activities. Going to the movies, binge-watching, and enjoying a meal with your friends are your best options.  

Lastly, get a good night’s sleep the night before your surgery. This will help you relax during the procedure. Additionally, it will give you enough strength to get you started on the right track to recovery.

Similar to when you are going for root canal in Fort Lauderdale, finding a dentist you trust will help you prepare well for and relax during the surgery. It will aid you with the recovery process too. As such, take the time to select the right specialist to handle this dental procedure.