We all know the recommended amount of visits you should be paying to your dentist are a minimum of 2 times a year, but no one follows the general health protocol. That’s how you know the panic has set in when you find yourself typing in emergency dental care in Indianapolis while the pain that’s set in your teeth won’t go away. A dental emergency is commonly performed when you feel pain in your teeth or gums, or even when you have a broken tooth. 

However, to know the distinction between pain that is not harmful and can wait till your next appointment and pain that can be fatal rests on an important piece of information. You should pay a visit to your doctor when:

➢ If you experience a loose tooth as an adult, it can’t possibly be good news. As soon as you feel even a slight instability in the placement of your teeth, you should visit a dentist immediately. 

➢ If your toothache is painful enough for you to be unable to consume your foods, as stated before, a visit to the dentist is compulsory. It can be tempting to look for at-home remedies, but that will delay your actual treatment. 

Dental abscesses are one of the top reasons for increased visits to the dentist for a dental emergency. A dental canker is usually caused due to the negligence of a cavity, leaving you with a pus pocket that can be very painful. The injection for the treatment of a dental abscess is inserted into the root of the tooth and can also be equally painful, but helps rid the problem once and for all. 

➢ If you’ve been having tooth pain for a while but haven’t bothered to visit the dentist. And now it is completely numb, your tooth might be suffering from an infection that has now spread to the roots of your teeth. Although you might have a tendency to avoid any of the minor pains that you feel, it would be best to catch up with a checkup with your dentist. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

➢ If you feel pain near the area of your wisdom tooth, it may be time to get it removed before it stops you from eating your favorite foods. Swelling in your gums, loss of blood, constant toothache are all signs of a wisdom tooth waiting to be removed. 

➢ If your mouth has cold sores or spots that won’t go away, a visit to the dentist is a must. Although there are several creams that you can self-prescribe with the help of a little assistance from a search on the internet. It is not the recommended method of going about such a situation. Some sores are much more serious, and it is best to not self diagnose any problems you might have. 

➢ Last but not least, a broken tooth or a tooth knocked out of position is a tooth that needs attention. 

Although fear might stop you from making the right decision, it is important to rush for an emergency when you need it. If you’re looking for affordable dental care in Indianapolis. Mywestenddental has dedicated family dental health care providers and ensure top treatment if and when you need to rush to the emergency room. If you can teach yourself on the various problems that can happen to you, you’ll know exactly when you need to ask for help. After all, a healthy mouth is a happy mouth!