As much as the human body needs safe and constant exercise to stay fit, your dog also needs the same (they are humans too, but with paws). Pets need exercise to keep fit. Exercises are very beneficial to their body’s health and overall fitness.

Getting fit alone is good, but getting fit with your dog will transform your mood and fitness program from 0 to 100. It is also the best way to encourage an owner-pet relationship as partners who exercise together stay together forever.

So if you have been postponing your summer body plans due to lack of a workout partner, here are some simple ways to stay fit with your dog:


There is yoga, and there is also doga. As the name suggests, dog yoga (doga) is a subcategory of yoga designed for dogs and their owners to get fit together. It is great for dogs’ cardiovascular health and helps in increasing air and blood circulation around the entire body. A substantial number of dog owners swear by doga as it is the best process to increase the bonding and relationship between owners and pets.


Dogs are exceptional swimmers, and swimming is one exercise that can transform your body (look at professional swimmers and tell me it’s not true). Although it is a necessary skill one must have in case of emergencies, swimming has the additional benefits it gives. Swimming with your pet will create an environment of trust around each other (as your pet will undoubtedly trust someone who doesn’t drown them) and help reduce pain and release stress.

Go for a Walk

Do you know when you go for a walk, you are also exercising alongside? Fast or slow walking has been proven to benefit people and their pets. So when next you take your pet for a walk, rather than the regular or casual fit, dress up as you would for a fitness program (put on your fitness shoes and dress) and enjoy that mini-exercise.

Jogging or Running

For pet owners with big-sized pets, tweak up your walking exercise to jogging or running. With running, you get to burn more calories and get fit faster, and your pet also gets to have more fun outside. It is a win-win situation as your pet gets satisfied and you get fit.

Hide & Seek/Tag

Hide and seek is every kid’s and adult’s favorite game; this is also a fun way to stay fit. Start by hiding your pet’s favorite object or toy, then release your dog and excitedly tell your pet to find it. Once your pet finds the toy, grab it from them and run! Make it a game of chase, and the reward is getting their toy. It keeps their brain engaged and helps you keep moving too!

Tug of War

Get a powerful tug and tell your dog to hold one of the ends, and you hold the other end. Make sure you grasp his favorite toy with your hand to control his movement. Tell him to pull the other way while you pull to the other end. Before engaging in a tug of war, make sure you have complete control of your pet, and they obey your orders immediately without you shouting.

After one to five minutes, play weakly and allow them to win. Shower them with all the praise you can remember to boost their ego.

Ensure you alternate the winnings to balance the control, else you feed your dog’s prey instincts and his ego and ride go off the roof. This also helps build up your grip and arm strength (depending on the size of your dog) as well!


Engage in these activities to boost your relationship with your dogs and as well as get fit. Staying fit has many benefits, including reducing pain, releasing stress and knotted muscles, strengthening the muscles, and increasing blood circulation around the body.