Appointment reminder service has been around for a good number of years now. As the years have progressed, so has its form, but its main function has remained the same – to remind you of upcoming appointments that you need to keep.

Now, what makes appointment reminders so great that people are so comfy in using them? Let us count the ways:

  • Improved quality of care – this goes for both the patient or client and the service provider. For patients, they are reminded of upcoming appointments, and when the patient adheres to their scheduled time, it allows doctors to focus on their set appointments for that day and provide their patients with the utmost care and attention. The same goes for other service providers such as your tailor or dressmaker, your hairdresser, and the like. You as a client want to be cared for, and as a service provider, you also want to give all clients the best care and service you have to offer.
  • It’s convenient and easy to use – appointment reminders range from good old fashioned SMS to software that contains all your clients’ details. For providers, this saves them time and money. For clients, this also saves them time and money as they can also easily adjust their schedules or request for a new appointment (in case the need arises) at their own convenience (no need to drive or commute all the way downtown).
  • It removes the fear – for many clients, the fear and apprehension of cancelling an appointment in person can be nerve-racking; appointment reminder systems help remove that fear of cancelling as they reset or cancel by pressing a few buttons or sending out the appropriate reply from the reminder email or message.
  • It empowers employees – for businesses that make use of appointment systems, it can also help empower employees by giving them control of their calendars as they can input their schedules and the like. As employers or managers are able to check their schedules, tasks can be spread out in a manner that helps clients get the best service (such as having your most experienced hairdresser or make-up artist on the team handle your most demanding or VIP clients).
  • It empowers clients to – clients appreciate reminders as it isn’t obtrusive; it’s one less thing for them to remember especially if they have busy lives. Plus, it gives them the experience that they matter, especially if the reminders are personalized.
  • It can let you do more – some online scheduling apps already have the point of sale (POS) with payment processing integrated. This way, clients can easily manage payments, helps keep things organized, and payments are now one less thing for them to think about. Plus, now that they’ve paid for the appointment, it’s more likely that clients will keep it.
  • On point – even the most detail-oriented person is bound to make some mistakes. Dialling a wrong number of forgetting to set or send a reminder to a client can be costly. Having an automated system at hand with all the needed information can help prevent these mistakes.
  • Easy to manage (and more) – appointment reminders are easy to manage. All the data is housed in your system, and reminders are automatically executed. Doctor has an emergency case? The system can reach out to the patient and let them know. Missed payments? Credit balances? Need to reactivate a client? Your system will know when to do it and even know what kind of content to send. This will lead to a better in-person experience for everyone involved.

So whether you are a client or a patient, or a service provider, whether you are big business or just starting, appointment reminder systems are always a good thing to have.