Our world is billions of years old. The first of human beings knew nothing about it. As time escalated, people started to grow senses and begin to wander around the world to reveal its secrets. The enigma of this world is limitless. Many great scholars came and put forward their theories related to the mysteries of this world. They couldn’t survive in the dark ages because of the illiterate people who knew nothing but naiveness. With time, solid proofs and shreds of evidence started to create a revolution in the world. Inventions and innovations change the way of living.

Now, we dwell in a world where knowledge is power. Countries that prefer education seem to prosper by leaps and bounds. Peace and harmony become their assets. Knowledge and skills turn out to be their weapons of war. With time, technology interference in education came in by a storm. From chalk to markers to virtual learning, the way of the education system has changed.

A pandemic has hit the world in 2020 that has made everyone stay in their homes. Lockdowns, shutdowns, and social distancing become mandatory to avoid becoming the prey of this pandemic. But life goes on; we live in a world that can’t stop for long. As educational institutions shut down, the era of the rise of remote learning began.

Many institutes have been working on the provision of online degrees even before the pandemic. If you love to serve people, MPH online is one of the fantastic degrees you can obtain and enjoy the unfettered perks. This pandemic unlocks the new doors to remote learning, where the teachers and students don’t have to sit in the same place at the same time. But everything comes up with its perks and pulls. Here, we are going to discuss some of the pros and cons of remote learning in this pandemic to enlighten you with its importance.


Flexibility Introduced

 We live in a hectic world where the schedules are tight. Remote learning introduced flexibility in the students as well as teachers’ lives. Students can easily manage and opt for the most suitable time to learn. They can watch the lecture videos whenever feasible. They can choose what topics they can go through quickly and what problems require more of their attention. 

More Comfortable

 Remember the times you used to wake up early in the morning, stuff your tummy, and get ready for the school? Well, this pandemic, for a tad time, has removed this stress. You can join the online classes with yourself covered up in blankets or in pajamas you slept. You can also view the content later when your heart desires to. Remote learning has filled up solace in education.

Expenses Reduced

 Going to educational institutes has its unique expenses. Buying notes, eating lunch, and transportation expenses are known. Now, you don’t have to go to school so you would have to pay for these things that save you some money. You can view notes on your screens, eat lunch at home and open your electronic gadgets to take classes instead of a bus. On a lighter note, you save a lot when you are not with your friends. 

Revision and Review

 One of the most significant pros of online remote learning is that you can review your materials whenever you want to. Lessons taught in classrooms could be forgotten due to lack of interest or not noting things down, but online videos will stay with you till the time you want. You can also search for topics related to them as the internet is a deep abyss of knowledge.

Increase in Self-Motivation

 Remote learning makes you self-disciplined and motivated. There is no one to ask you to focus and take an interest. No teacher is there to make you sit in class properly and pay attention. You have to find your motivation to sit in front of a screen and learn. It paves the way in your betterment and self-motivation. 


Lack of Physical and Social Interaction

 Remote learning makes you sit in your room away from people. In this way, you couldn’t interact with your classmates or teachers. It makes your confidence low. Student life is the high time to make friends and meet new people with whom you can share your thoughts and enjoy life. 

Dearth of Quality 

 Compromise in the quality of education could be seen in remote learning. The lack of a classroom environment has limited the learning process. It is one of the most significant drawbacks of distance learning. Quality can’t be compromised at any cost because students are the future. 

Technical Glitches

 With technologies, issues come like gifts. Due to the internet and electronic gadgets, students can face problems during online classes. If their device gets any issues, they will not be able to repair it due to the lockdowns.  

No Enhancement in Interpersonal Skills

 Online classes diminish the interpersonal skills of students. Due to no face to face communication, their interpersonal skills are not building that is essential for their futures. 


 Remote learning comes with its pros and cons, and this pandemic has changed the way of living. Online education has become part of students’ life. How to make it better for their future is in their own hands. Survival is for those who adopt the changes as soon as possible. As the pandemic has given rise to remote learning, students should get used to it and extract the benefits from it.