The healthcare industry is one of the most lucrative and rapidly evolving job markets across the globe. This industry has witnessed countless innovations and advancements, which have also given birth to new employment opportunities. In the coming years, the healthcare industry is likely to expand and grow beyond measures, creating even more possibilities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report stating a 22% increase in the need for healthcare management jobs by 2020. If you want to build a lucrative career in the healthcare sector, now is the best time to develop your skills and expertise. There are scores of opportunities out there, ranging from healthcare services, medical specializations, management roles, technical specialties, and more.

As far as the healthcare industry is concerned, the more you invest in your skills and education, the higher the payout. Physicians, surgeons, and medical specialists are the highest wage-earners, followed by administrators, CEOs, pharmacists, dental experts, and more. It is essential to focus on skill-building and acquiring degrees to land a lucrative employment opportunity.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the career opportunities you can explore in the healthcare industry.

Here, take a look:

Healthcare Administration

For those who are not interested in medical science and education, healthcare administration presents an array of lucrative opportunities. It involves the management side of healthcare facilities and hospitals. Like all businesses, hospitals also function as an organization that requires management, HR departments, vendors, networking partners, and PR. Administration jobs involve carving out an organization structure, and performing duties focused on efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce.

If you are already working in the administration department, you can increase your worth with MBA MHA dual degree programs online. Such a degree would boost your expertise and resume, paving the road for CEO and higher-management positions.

In the coming years, areas of hospital administration, elder care management, public health, and health information management are expected to grow. There is immense opportunity in the field of eldercare management and healthcare consultation. A healthcare and administration degree will help you find lucrative opportunities in the business realm of the healthcare industry.

Areas Expected To Witness The Growth

Experts reveal that the public health sector is all posed to witness exponential growth across various fields. It will increase the demand for skilled professionals and technicians. For instance, the need for biostatisticians is likely to grow by 27% by 2022. Similarly, the demand for environmental health specialists is expected to witness a 19% growth by 2022.

Expectations indicate an increase in the need for public health officers. These officers will be responsible for raising awareness of health and disease risks. Public health officers and administrators will be required across military, state, and federal agencies, alongside NGOs.

Surgeons, Physicians & Doctors

If you are willing to invest time and money into your medical career, physicians and surgeons hold the most lucrative positions. Their annual salaries typically tend to be more than a million dollars. Neurosurgeons, orthopedic and plastic surgeons are amongst the highest earners in the medical field. However, these professionals make a significant investment in their education and training. That is why primarily they are drowning in student loans and debt by the time they start their careers.

The physician assistant is another lucrative job opportunity, with lesser investment and a higher payout. They are allowed to treat patients and prescribe certain medicines with the approval of the physician. You can explore other opportunities, such as pharmacists, lab technicians, physical therapists, and optometrists. Nutritionists and dieticians also earn a lucrative income, while the dental industry is brimming with well-paying opportunities.

Tracing The Road To Success

The healthcare industry is expected to witness an exponential rise in the next few years. Naturally, this will pave the road for improved pay scales and better employment opportunities. As the healthcare industry continues to advance and improve, there will be a higher demand for skills and expertise. To enter the healthcare industry, you need to focus on accumulating additional qualifications and skills.

If you want to amass success in the healthcare industry and give back to your community, invest in your education. There is a high demand for a health science or medical degree from a prestigious institution. You can enroll yourself for a full-time program, or even an online degree that compliments your schedule. There are countless online health science programs that are tailored for employed professionals who seek to advance their skills.


Skill-building is extremely important to enjoy scores of opportunities and well-paying job roles. There is a wide array of fields and job opportunities across the healthcare industry, which are not limited to clinical procedures. It is essential to focus on your career path and prepare yourself for your desired job role.