Vaping is no longer a taboo or something unknown. Many people use vape pens either as a healthy alternative to smoking or for enjoyment. Although it’s not forbidden to vape on the street and in most coffee bars, there might be some restrictions and regulations when it comes to traveling, especially by plane. Hence, to avoid unpleasant situations and completely enjoy your vacation, you should get informed regarding the vaping rules.

We know that almost everyone loves to travel. Whether it is a summer or a winter holiday, or just a weekend getaway, we all want to escape reality and get rest once in a while. So, if you are planning your vacation or maybe you are preparing for a weekend trip, here are several tips for vaping while traveling.

Vaping While Traveling: Know the Rules

Vaping is pretty common now and it’s mostly allowed. Most transportation companies allow their passengers to use vape pens or e-cigarettes while on board. However, it’s a good idea to know the company’s vaping policies and regulations.

Namely, you can directly ask the company’s representatives whether they allow vaping and carrying vaping gear while traveling or not. Or, you can visit their website and check out the regulations page to see their vaping rules.

Pack Your Vaping Gear in the Carry-on Bag

Regardless if you are traveling by bus, train, or plane, you should always pack your vaping gear in your carry-on bag. The first reason is convenience. Having your vaping gear by your hand ensures you can easily and quickly grab it when you need it or if an authority asks for that. It will save you lots of trouble and time and will prevent a possible travel delay.

The second reason is the airport regulations. According to their rules, you can take your vaping gear only in your carry-on bag. It’s because if you place them in your checked bags, the metal detectors at the security checkpoint will sign that there’s something metal in your bag. Therefore, you will have to remove them from that bag, show them to the authorities, and then place them in your carry-on bag.

Pack Your E-liquids in a Plastic Bag

E-liquids are allowed in carry-on bags if they are less than 100ml and are compliant with the TSA liquid regulations. You should pack your e-liquids in a clear plastic bag with a zipper on the top. It’s a good idea to pack them in the same bag with other small liquids, such as shampoo or lotion. It will ensure they are safely stored.

When going through the security checkpoint, you don’t need to declare the e-liquids for inspection, but simply go through. However, if the airport regulations state that liquids have to be screened separately, you can place it on the tray for examination. Once they are examined, you can put them back in your carry-on bag.

Don’t Forget Your Batteries

Regardless if you use rechargeable or you need to take a few spare batteries, you should make sure to pack them. This might sound silly, but in fact, a lot of people forget their batteries. So, when you are finished packing, you should double-check if you’ve put your batteries in your carry-on bag.

Also, you should make sure to remove the batteries from your vaporizer during the traveling. First, because it prevents any chance of it getting turned on. Second, because batteries, especially lithium-ion ones, are a very powerful source of energy and are conductive. This means that if a metal object touches the positive terminal while touching another part of the battery, it will cause a short circuit.

To prevent that, you should cover the terminals with electrical tape and put the batteries in a separate, padded bag. If by any chance you can’t remove the batteries, you can just remove the atomizer. It will also protect you from any incident.

Know the Local Laws

Before you pack your bags and book your holiday, you should check the vaping regulations at your destination. This doesn’t refer only to foreign countries, but also to places in your country. If vaping is allowed in your town, it doesn’t mean that it is allowed in other towns. It depends on the local community.

Additionally, you should know the vaping market at your destination. For example, can you find e-liquids there, are there any vaping gear shops, etc. It’s because not all countries sell vaping gear. Some countries, such as Denmark, Finland, and Norway, don’t allow a domestic sale of nicotine e-liquids. Nonetheless, they allow you to import them for personal use. But, if you run out of e-liquid, you won’t have where to buy another one.

Although vaping is widely accepted, there are some regulations that you should follow. It’s not only because of the laws but also because of your and other passengers’ safety. Therefore, before getting on board, make sure you have safely packed your vaping gear and you have turned off the vaping devices.

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