Toronto’s gym rats have had a tough go during COVID-19.

They saw their beloved gyms close, then open back up with new social distancing measures in place. Suddenly, they needed to make an appointment to work out, and lunchtime slots became more highly coveted than Book of Mormon tickets. Then, just as everyone got used to the new measures, the gyms simply closed again.

It has been an emotional roller coaster that’s more likely to make you sick than the Yukon Striker. And it’s probably not over yet. We can probably expect gyms to open and close a few more times before the world returns to normal.

Here’s how you can cope until then.

Build an Affordable Home Gym

If you haven’t bought a pile of weights for your home yet, we don’t blame you. The lockdown has made home fitness equipment hard to find and even harder to afford. Canada has seen a 500% increase in home equipment sales, and you will be hard-pressed to find a dumbbell or kettlebell in any retail store. You also may not be in a position to drop a few thousand dollars on a Peloton bike.

Even the prices for used equipment on sites like Kijiji have skyrocketed. Prior to the pandemic, you might have been able to pick up some free weights for free. Now, people have clued in to what they’re worth, and they’re holding them hostage.

If you want to build or maintain strength, this leaves you with two options. The first is trying bodyweight exercises. Yes, these may feel a bit weird and take some getting used to. However, if they work for Navy Seals, they can work for you too.

Your second option is to pick up some quality elastic resistance bands. They are effective, inexpensive, widely available, and easy to store. Weights tend to take up an entire room. These fit in a drawer.

Look Into Body Contouring

The so-called Quarantine 15 is one of the main reasons that cosmetic plastic surgeons in Toronto have been so busy over the last few months. The whole industry is actually experiencing a mini-boom.

Plastic surgery clinics, for the most part, have been able to remain open during the lockdown with new restrictions in place.

First of all, they have to limit the number of people in the clinic at all times. This means that your pre and post-op meetings will have to be done over teleconference. Also, if someone drives you to the clinic, they can no longer wait in the waiting room.

Don’t Simply ‘Wait and See’

You may be playing the wait and see the game while hoping the gyms will re-open soon. If the COVID experience has taught us anything, it’s that we have no idea what the future holds, and we shouldn’t hold our breath.

If you’re waiting for gyms to re-open to get back into working out, stop waiting. The longer you wait, the harder you’re going to have to work to get back in shape. And you have no idea how far away this light at the end of the tunnel could actually be.