There are many types of therapy out there, each designed to address specific mental health issues. Depending on the condition concerning you, there are a number of therapies that you can take advantage of. One that you may not be familiar with is art therapy. Here is a look at art therapy and what it is designed to accomplish.

Things To Know

You should keep in mind a few things when you want to learn more about art therapy. For even more information, you can check out this BetterHelp article on art therapy.

  • Art therapy can be used to help multiple mental health conditions. This type of therapy can be utilized if you experience depression, stress, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, and several other conditions, so it may be used more often that you think. 
  • Art therapists are trained professionals. Art therapists are trained just like other types of therapists. There are sometimes art therapists available in places like schools, colleges, and nursing home facilities, so people who may benefit from this therapy will visit them in a convenient location. The therapists choose projects that they feel will benefit each patient, or they allow them to pick one for themselves. Sometimes there are requirements and other times; there are none. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you have artistic talent or not. The process of art therapy doesn’t revolve around if you are good at making art or not. Instead, it is a means of working through the issues concerning you, so that you may feel more relaxed about your life and what you have experienced. 
  • It isn’t just about painting. When you think of art therapy, you might think it is just painting. However, there are other mediums that are used, including sculpture and drawing. People of all ages may be able to find benefit from this type of therapy, especially since it can be used in conjunction with other therapies. 
  • This therapy is more than just an art class. Some may think that art therapy is just an art class, but this isn’t true. When you take advantage of this type of therapy, the therapist can often pick up on cues as you work on your artwork. These cues will give them a clue as to how you are feeling, so they can talk you through things. It is a good way to determine what may be going on in someone’s head when they can’t talk it out in a satisfactory manner. 
  • Provides you with an outlet to express yourself. The idea is for someone to work on self-expression. At times, it can be difficult to talk about things that happen to you, but when you are asked to make artwork based on your experiences, life, or feelings, this may be easier for you to accomplish than putting these ideas into words. In turn, this might improve your mood, allow you to work through your thoughts, and help you work on your self-esteem.


Art therapy is something that can help people experiencing multiple mental health concerns. If you think it may be right for you, keep in mind that there is support available to you. This type of therapy can help you work through issues and doesn’t require you to talk as much as traditional therapy, which may be something you are interested in. Besides that, it can be a helpful addition to your one-on-one therapy treatment, if your therapist agrees. Keep all the information in this article in mind, so you can decide if you want to look into art therapy for yourself.