Paternity tests are conducted to determine whether you are the biological father of your child. These tests can be done on your own volition or requested through legal means if there is a dispute.

If this is your first time deciding to take the test, you should practice handling the emotion, anxiety, and fear that comes with it.

Nevertheless, making that decision shows that you are courageous enough to know the truth. Learn more about paternity tests.

Why You May Need to Take the Test

Most paternity tests are conducted to establish a biological relationship between a child and a father. When a man doubts whether a child is his, he can opt for a paternity test to cast the doubt.

In other cases, the court of law might order you to undergo a paternity test to decide on critical issues such as child support and maintenance.

Types of Paternity Tests

There are only two commonly used paternity tests that produce similar results if the right procedure is followed. There is the home test that doesn’t involve much. All you need is the testing kit and the involved parties, and you can do it anywhere you wish. This type of test only requires signed forms of consent from people whose samples are taken or their parents if they are minors.

The other type of paternity test is legal testing, conducted through a court order and involves a registered nurse. The nurse collects your identity and other important credentials and forwards your samples to a government facility for testing to provide the results to the court for determination.

Paternity Test Cost

Home paternity testing involves less activity and processes. It costs relatively low compared to a legal paternity test. Usually, the legal test would cost you about $500, given the logistics involved.

Where Do I Do My Test?

Paternity tests are conducted on DNA Testing laboratories with accreditation from the relevant authorities. Different facilities offer different types of testing, and you need to choose the best since DNA testing required expertize and competence for correct results. The paternity test cost may differ across facilities, but you should be guided by quality rather than cost.

Are Results Reliable?

Paternity testing is the surest way you can determine whether there is a biological relationship between you and your child. What matters is the facility you choose and the quality of the testing process. If the right procedure is followed during testing, then you are sure to receive the correct results.

However, choosing an ill-equipped facility that could tamper with samples or contaminate them could jeopardize result reliability. The best thing to be sure about your results should be to choose the best facility and ensure that they follow the correct procedure for your testing.

In case you doubt the results, it would not be harmful to repeat the testing in a better facility.

Paternity testing is the surest way to provide peace of mind in matters regarding parenting. Therefore, research the best way to get the best results that you will be content with.