There is often a great deal of confusion regarding events that are designed to educate and inform Medicare beneficiaries and those that are focused on marketing and sales. Understanding the difference between these two types of events can allow those seeking clarification on their coverage and options or who may be seeking to enroll in a particular plan to make smarter choices to navigate their options with greater ease and success.

Medicare Education Seminars

Intended to provide essential information for those who qualify for Medicare benefits, these events typically focus on either providing general information on plans and coverage options or highlighting a specific drug, treatment or coverage plan. Educational events will not involve promotional efforts or sales opportunities. While conducting marketing efforts during an educational seminar is strictly prohibited, sales professionals and company representatives in attendance may still speak with other attendees to schedule a future meeting or engage in other activities like passing out business cards or providing their professional contact information.

Sales Events

Events that are driven by sales are typically centered around a wide range of promotional activities, as well as providing those in attendance with opportunities to network or generate new sales leads. Speakers and presentations at these events will utilize promotional language and talking points that are designed to generate a level of interest and marketing buzz that can lead to future sales. A Medicare sales event is often focused around launching a new drug, touting a new treatment or enticing those in attendance to enroll in a new plan or coverage option. While sales applications and personal information are often collected at these events, attendees are not required to furnish any personal information.

Choosing the Right Event

Mistakenly attending a sales event in an effort to learn more about a Medicare plan or benefit can lead to many problems, especially for seniors who may be confused or easily influenced by high-pressure sales tactics. While it may still be possible to learn a great deal about coverage during a sales event, the focus of these events is on generating commerce and sales revenue rather than providing information on benefits options to seniors and their families.

Scheduling an Education Seminar

Educational Medicare seminars can provide essential information regarding Medicare plans and coverage and can often be the best tool for those who are still struggling to understand their options. Confusing an education seminar with a sales event is a common mistake, one that can easily deprive seniors of the resources and assistance they need to begin exploring their options or find the coverage that will be best suited to their situation and needs. Educational seminars are protected by law in order to ensure those in attendance will not be targeted by aggressive sales tactics and promotional efforts that might unduly influence attendees.

Understanding the difference between Medicare educational events and sales or promotional expos ensures that seniors will obtain the help they need to select the right plan or coverage option.