It is clear that the particular story of each runner is written based on his goals and sporting challenges. As there are so many goals to overcome as profiles of runners and runners, and taking advantage of summer as one of the most auspicious times of the year to enjoy the good weather with the running shoes on, in this post we put the focus of attention on all those athletes, they start to run. Our goal is to help you choose the material that best suits your characteristics, and regardless of the initial goal that you set.

As the first basic rule for the novice, the runner is to get bottom and prioritize the volume of mileage over speed, a parameter like damping goes to the foreground. Hence, the top cushion running shoes can become your best ally to go for a run and enjoy the sensations it gives you. Surely you will not run as fast as you could expect, but you will run with maximum safety and protection. Of course, there is also not exempt paragraph comfort and response of the model you choose.

Best cushioning runners


16 Best Running Shoes for neutral runners

With all this, and once again, the Health2Wellness Blog team has returned to quorum, and to put in common the diverse opinions and tastes. Here is our recommendation in regards to the 16 best cushion running shoes of this 2019 for runneantes of the neutral tread.

Of course, there could be more, but we have not opted to select the most iconic models and those that are among the best sellers, of the first brands. There will be a reason for users to choose running shoes with more pull.
By the way, do not feel discriminated against, if you are one of the athletes who need support and stability to correct your excess pronation, because on the table we already have the list of the best top-of-the-range running shoes for prognostic leaders. So attentive!

Adidas Solar Boost the best running shoes

Adidas Solar Boost - best running shoes


The great world novelty of Adidas Running, and its firm commitment of this 2018 in what the market for running shoes refers to. It is the first model, and the flagship, of this family of the German brand that has come to stay. The best of these Adidas Solar Boost is that it is a very versatile model and that it is a pioneer in applying the technology Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP), which comes to take shape in a superior fit and a subjection, offering an exceptional adaptation on foot. Also, the Boost cushioning system, the German brand, is lighter, but still maintains a more than optimal performance.

Weight: 295 grams | Drop: 10mm.

ASICS Cumulus 19

ASICS Cumulus 19 - best running shoes


The ASICS Cumulus 19 is a training shoe that is included in the classics of the running universe. Although they are not as mediatic as the Nimbus 20 Gel, this model has a vast legion of followers. This nineteenth version maintains a continuous line concerning previous editions, and all its novelties are focused on the upper part, which has been completely redesigned to offer greater comfort but also to improve its fit. The excellent quality/price ratio

Weight: 3 10 gr. (man) / 255gr. (woman) | Drop: 10mm

Asics Gel Nimbus 20

Asics Gel Nimbus 20


The ASICS Gel Nimbus 20 occupies the first positions in the ranking of best selling running shoes is on its own merits, because this Japanese model is designed as a top choice for daily workouts, being able to withstand all the kilometers that they throw him to go. Suitable for long-distance running, because they can offer cushioning, comfort and stability that you need to run farther and for longer, and with full guarantees.

Weight: 305 gr. | Drop: 10mm

Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost 11 - best running shoes


Yes, we know what you’re going to say: Where are the Brooks Glycerin 16? Yes, the latest version of the Glycerin could be on this list without any problem, but we opted for the Brooks Ghost 11 because they are running shoes that have undergone a new redesign of their uppercut to make the model softer and lighter than previous versions — indicated as a training shoe to move at faster rates and runners with a lighter constitution. For heavyweight runners, the option is none other than Glycerin 16.

Weight: 309 gr. (male) / 269gr. (woman) | Drop: 12mm

Hoka One One Clifton 5

Hoka One One Clifton 5


With the Hoka One One Clifton 5 in hand, appearances are deceiving; because it is a high profile running shoe, although it has a 5mm drop, nevertheless it is presented as an ultralight model. Which offers you the maximum cushioning and softness in each stride. What keeps the essence of Hoka One One: Offer maximum cushioning performance at the lowest possible weight.

Weight: 265 gr. (man) / 215gr. (woman) | Drop: 5mm

Mizuno Wave Rider 22

Mizuno Wave Rider 22



The shoe running shoe par excellence of the Japanese brand, and whose benefits can be summarized in a single sentence. Such as Shoe upper training to face long distances, full of the latest technologies and quality materials. Among its many strengths, the Mizuno Wave Rider 22 stands out for its great versatility, and because in this version it improves its uppercut to increase, even more, that footprint more cushioned, stable and comfortable.

Weight: 290 gr. | Drop: 10mm

Mizuno Wave Last 10

Mizuno Wave Last 10


Another one of the Mizuno house brand training shoes, which can offer cushioning, stability and comfort in perfect balance. The numerous improvements introduced in the upper of the Mizuno Wave Ultima 10 come to ensure cushioning and stability, but also comfort and grip.

Also, the CloudWave and U4icX systems work in unison means that this shoe wins more smoothly while improving its response capacity.

Weight: 300 gr. | Drop: 10mm.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8


The running shoe for long-distance training of New Balance, which continues to win supporters update after update. Not in vain, this New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v8 is your Premium model and the one that never fails to runneth.

All changes in this eighth installment of the iconic model for neutral drivers of the Boston brand are framed in the evolution of its star material Fresh Foam in the midsole. This results in a softer and more flexible cushioning, in addition to offering a more fluid and dynamic response capacity.

Weight: 314gr. (man) / 276gr. (woman) | Drop: 8mm.

Nike Pegasus 35

Nike Pegasus 35 - best running shoes


The staging of the Nike Pegasus 35 has been a small revolution in this legendary saga of running shoes of the American brand. The essence remains the same and focuses on offering maximum cushioning, versatility and comfort to the runner in each of their long-distance training sessions.

But in this version, there are numerous changes, such as the more aerodynamic design, which appears sharper, in the heel area; as well as its upper more breathable.

Weight: 267gr. (man) / 224gr. (woman) | Drop: 10mm.

Nike Vomero 13

Nike Vomero 13


The Nike Vomero 13 always walks in the shadow of the mega-known Nike Pegasus 35. But in the thirteenth version of these Vomero. The remarkable strategic changes of its predecessor are maintained while adding new updates to offer greater comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

These Nike Vomero 13 is designed as a training shoe for runners of high weights, being suitable for long runs, as it offers the necessary cushioning, and a softer touch, for this purpose.

Weight: 312gr. (man) / 255gr. (woman) | Drop: 10mm.

On Cloud X

On Cloud X - best running shoes


The running shoe On Cloud X is the best of the firm of the Swiss Alps to gain a foothold in the segment of sports shoes, and that stands out for its great versatility because it is intended not only for runners but also to that profile of multisport that combines different physical activities. To emphasize its great comfort, lightness, in addition to having a magnificent cushioning.

Weight: 229 (man) / 188 (woman) | Drop: 6mm.

Puma Hybrid Rocket

Puma Hybrid Rocket


The Puma Hybrid Rocket reflects the firm purpose of the German brand to position a running shoe that covers all the performance required by the runner in each kilometer that advances, as it includes its most important materials such as the NRGY Beads and Ignites FOAM.

It’s a hybrid foam with which this Puma Hybrid Rocket ensures to offer a higher level of cushioning while providing a greater return of energy, which also lacks a great sense of comfort. The Puma Hybrid Rocket is designed for long distances and to move to live rhythms. Of course, its avant-garde and daring design do not go unnoticed either.

Weight: 315 (man) / 263 (woman) | Drop: 10mm.

Salomon Sonic RA

Salomon Sonic RA


Salomon’s commitment to a position in the asphalt world responds to the name of the Running Avenue family (RA).

And the Salomon Sonic RA is one of the three outstanding members of this saga. Which has little to do with the line that the French brand tried to implement with its successful concepts of trail running.

Both the Salomon Sonic RA and the Salomon Sonic RA Max are categorized as maximum cushioning models, with the Max version reinforcing the idea of running with a more cushioned feel.

In the case of the Sonic RA, which stands out for their lightness, they are an option for everything, because they serve you both as a model of training and competition, and to deal with medium and long distances.

Weight: 245 (man) / 210 (woman) | Drop: 8mm.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4

Saucony Triumph ISO 4


The top model of the range and the one that marks the way to follow the American brand, and whose benefits have placed the Saucony Triumph ISO 4 among the models most in demand by the runneantes of neutral footprint seeking maximum cushioning, but also enjoy of an optimal subjection and flexibility to achieve a more natural footprint.

Hence, Saucony designers have opted to incorporate a superior cut with the ISOFIT system, better integrated. In addition to having an integral midsole of EVERUN, which guarantees the best cushioning.

Weight: 306 (man) / 266 (woman) | Drop: 8mm.

Skechers GOrun 6

Skechers GOrun 6


The top of the range in cushioning of the American firm comes with numerous and important changes in its sixth version. A sixth update in which draws attention to the incorporation of new material of his midsole, the FlightGEN. This makes this running shoe is even lighter, and therefore allows the faster run.

It also helps that your upper has been redesigned with knitted fabric. Which makes the fit more personalized, and also reduces the weight of the model.

In short, the Skechers GOrun 6 is a lightweight training shoe, designed to run long distances and to make intervals at faster rates.

Weight: 204 (man) / 150 (woman) | Drop: 4mm.

Under Armor HOVR Sonic

Under Armor HOVR Sonic


The Under Armor HOVR Sonic is a running shoe in which the North American brand has placed all the meat in the spit to revolutionize the world of running, adding a new system of damping HOVR, able to change the rules of the game, because at the same time that favors lighter transitions, also provides an exceptional reactivity in each kilometer that runs.

The knit fabric of your upper offers great breathability and support. These UA HOVR Sonic are oriented for both short and long distances.

Weight: 204 (man) / 150 (woman) | Drop: 4mm.