It seems that you can find anything you could ever want or need on Amazon. The truth is, while this corporate behemoth does offer a very large and wide selection of items ranging from books to vehicles, it does not technically offer CBD.

For many patients and CBD users, this is puzzling. We have chosen to break it all down for you so you can more easily navigate the tricky waters of CBD on Amazon.

Why Can’t CBD Products be Sold on Amazon?

While Amazon is a huge international company that tends to do what it wants, cannabis and CBD are a tricky area, even for them. This is because the legal status of cannabis varies from country to country – and even state to state.

It should be noted here that most CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, which is a cannabis variety that contains almost no THC and does offer any intoxicating effects. This only adds to some of the confusion and troubles, though.

Recently, CBD oil and products that have been produced using only the hemp plant have been made legal in the United States. CBD still has a variety of regulations around the world, making a flat rule regarding CBD complicated for Amazon. So, instead of risking any dangers or legal issues. The company seems to have just gone with a ‘No CBD Products’ rule across all of its sites around the globe.

Why Cant CBD Products be Sold on Amazon

Is CBD Oil Real on Amazon?

As time goes on, Amazon may adjust its rules to reflect the more diverse legal status of hemp CBD oil and products. Until then, many manufacturers of CBD products have found it difficult to find a workaround to Amazon’s ban on CBD. This means it is almost impossible to find quality CBD products on Amazon.

A quick search of CBD products on Amazon will give you a list of thousands of products. But none of them are listed as CBD. Instead, you see a whole bunch of products listed as hemp extract or hemp oil.

This is something that some of the biggest producers of CBD oil and CBD melatonin capsules products have been doing for years. Likely being advised by their legal teams, companies have chosen to use terms like ‘hemp extract’ because of the near-universal legality of hemp around the world. There is nothing false about this term as hemp CBD is extracted from the hemp plant.

Keep these things in mind:

  • CBD oil is sold as a hemp extract on Amazon. Be sure that is what is being sold
  • Hemp seed oil can be found but is not the same thing and contains no CBD
  • Read the ingredients and be sure hemp extract is an actual ingredient.
  • The higher milligram content of hemp extract will provide higher CBD amounts.
  • If there is no milligram content on the back label, it can not be a quality CBD product.

Final Thoughts

Due to the variations in the legality and production of CBD around the world. Amazon has decided to ban all CBD products on its websites simply. There have been a number of companies selling CBD oil and CBD melatonin capsules on this e-commerce for years under the name hemp extract.

If you are going to search for CBD Oils for Sale, be very careful and pay close attention to what you are buying. If you are ever in doubt, you can always contact the seller for info.