The bloodborne pathogens certification is an important credential for you as a healthcare professional to have. It shows that you are educated and trained in bloodborne diseases, blood-containing body fluids, and blood product hazards. Find out the top 3 reasons why you should get a bloodborne pathogens certification today!

Safer Patient Care

When patients come into your work area covered in blood or other bodily fluids such as saliva or semen, it can be difficult to avoid contact. As a bloodborne pathogen-certified individual, you know how to protect yourself from contracting an infectious disease while providing patient care. Without this knowledge, bloodborne pathogens could be transmits, leading to the patient’s death or possible infection.

Having your bloodborne pathogen certification ensures that you are prepared with an arsenal of techniques and devices to keep yourself safe. Besides, patients can receive the care they deserve without fear of contracting a disease themselves through their healthcare provider!

Reduced Risk of Exposure to Contagious Diseases

When providing blood-containing body fluids such as saliva or semen but not limited to these examples for any reason (not just health care), it is important to know how this affects you on both short term and long term levels. For example, the Hepatitis B virus will remain infectious in dried blood at room temperature for up to at least seven days.

The bloodborne pathogens certification ensures that you know how to handle blood and blood-containing body fluids safely. It is a method of guaranteeing your safety and that of those around you who may come in contact with these potentially dangerous materials!

Furthermore, certification also guarantees bloodborne pathogen safety training. It equips you with the requisite knowledge on using PPEs and avoiding the risk of exposure to contagious diseases.

Increased Employment Opportunities

One employer may have already employed you for several years at some point in your career. But now, you feel ready to move on from them or even change careers entirely. Nowadays, employers want their employees certified by an accredited organization such as OSHA before hiring them because it shows dedication and commitment to education. This helps companies make better decisions about who will best fit into their workforce in the long run!

Getting a bloodborne pathogens certification could lead to increased job opportunities. This is common if you’re looking for advancement within your current company or are looking for a new job. Employers want bloodborne pathogens-certified employees to keep their patients safe and prevent them from contracting any dangerous diseases! Furthermore, you can easily get an employment opportunity in a workplace with frequent exposure to blood.

With the bloodborne pathogen certification, you have access to benefits both personally and professionally. You can help save lives while also protecting yourself by getting your bloodborne pathogens certification today!

In conclusion, the bloodborne pathogens certification is a credential that all healthcare professionals should obtain. It helps to protect both patients and staff from blood-related medical accidents and inform those who may come in contact with blood and other body fluids about how they can protect themselves!