Due to Coronavirus situations, face masks have become an essential part of our attire. As crucial as it is for our health and safety, they aren’t the most comfortable thing to wear, especially for kids as they keep ripping it off at the slightest chance they get.

Hence, they may lose it or worse and may keep it on some table or desk that may be contaminated. The recent CDC mandate for kids above the age of two further creates the need for something to keep the masks on the kids when they’re not wearing it to ensure safety and hygiene.

That’s where mask lanyards for kids come handy.

What Do Mask Lanyards Do?                                                     

Mask lanyards have become a must-have accessory for kids, especially as they start going to school. They are stylish, versatile, and practical too. It is a useful way to avoid the mask from getting lost or contaminated. Also, it’s easy to put it back on when needed.

However, since they have chains or straps that hang around the neck, make sure they’re safe, so they don’t irritate, chaff against the neck, or injure the neck when accidentally yanked or snagged. Here are some practical tips for choosing the best ones, so your little one is safe with it.


When choosing a mask lanyard for kids, make sure they feel soft against the skin and are lightweight, so they don’t pull the mask down or feel heavy around the neck when the mask is hanging down.

Adjustable Straps

When you buy the mask, it is vital to ensure that the straps are adjustable so you can adjust it per your child’s convenience. For instance, you can loosen the straps and make it long when the child is eating so the mask doesn’t come in contact with the food and then shorten it when done, so it becomes easy for him to put the mask back on.

Use Mask Extenders

Sometimes, masks have short ear loops that begin to hurt the ears after prolonged wearing. This can get uncomfortable for kids. That’s where mask extenders help. They serve the same purpose as lanyards, the difference being while lanyards don’t make any difference to the way your masks fit, they make your masks fit more snugly, so you’re comfortable. They have convenient notches to enable you to extend or tighten it to ensure a better fit of the masks.

Lanyard Material

Make sure the lanyards are soft to touch and feel comfortable against the skin. Lanyards made of ribbon or laces or cotton fabrics are best as the fabric is soft and won’t rub or chafe against the neck’s skin. Mask lanyards for kids come in a great variety of designs made of metallic chains, polyester, or nylon straps, which does not just irritate sensitive skin but can prove to be dangerous too when accidentally yanked or snagged.


Another important thing when it comes to the mask lanyards is the clasp. It is best to go for breakaway clasps as they don’t irritate or hurt the skin, unlike pins or clasps that can accidentally pinch the skin.

Also, most lanyards have breakaway clasps made of non-toxic material that is perfectly safe in kids. Your little one may decide to chew on it. The clasp is large enough for your little one to handle it yet sturdy to take a strong pull for it to come apart.

Keeping the above points in mind will ensure that you get the best lanyard for your little monster so that the mask doesn’t get lost or dirty by falling off the ground every time the kids want to take it off. However, whichever lanyard you buy, make sure they’re cleaned regularly to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation.