If you’re struggling with bringing in new patients through your optometry marketing strategies, you aren’t alone. While digital marketing might be more accessible than traditional forms of advertising, it still requires a high level of skill and expertise to create and manage successful campaigns. 

Most optometrists (and other eye care professionals) don’t have the time to learn about the latest digital marketing strategies and trends. However, there are some major mistakes that are very common among eye care practices across the US – all of which are covered in this blog. 

Whether you want to increase your current patient list, increase your retention rate, or have a more optimized marketing strategy, the tips below will provide you with the basic information needed to start driving results through effective digital marketing. Also covered are some of the major mistakes that are commonly made by those new to the marketing world (e.g., overspending, not retargeting, etc.).

Overspending on PPC Campaigns 

It is one of the most basic obstacles seen across the entire industry – and it’s even committed by digital marketing professionals. Overspending on PPC campaigns can spell disaster for your marketing strategy (and at the very least, it will deplete your budget very quickly). 

There are number of ways to lower the cost of your ad campaign(s). One of the more underutilized tactics is exploring new platforms. Social media platforms is always changing, and that means there are always new opportunities to take advantage of underpriced attention on emerging platforms. In 2020, an example of this would be the social platform known as TikTok. 

Not Making Use of Retargeting Features and Apps

Retargeting is essentially a form of “remarketing.” What this means is when a user engages with one of your ads (or your website in general), you’re able to market to them again. This opens up a huge world of custom and personalized content possibilities. Personalization is the name of the game in the content world right now. If you aren’t at least trying to personalize your brand’s digital content, one of your competitors most likely is (which means you’re already behind).

One example of retargeting would be making use of Facebook’s Pixel program. You need to install a short piece of code onto your website, which will then allow you to retarget and remarket to Facebook users both on your website as well as within Facebook’s PPC platform. 

Not Taking Advantage of Existing Traffic 

If your website doesn’t have a blog or you aren’t driving organic traffic through some other medium (e.g., social media), you’re losing out on a huge opportunity to gain new clients. What would be even worse than not having a blog or trying to drive traffic through social media, would be not knowing what to do with that traffic once it’s on your site. 

Unfortunately, this is one of the main problems that business owners have when it comes to traffic and their website. How do you turn these visitors into conversions? Are they targeted? Where are they coming from? 

The first thing you should do is install some form of analytics tracking app onto your website so that you can actually track and analyze the behavior of your visitors. After that, you need to be taking all the necessary steps in order to turn those visitors into conversions. That means incorporating top of the funnel techniques, middle of the funnel sales tactics, and incorporating retargeting campaigns through social media. 

Lackluster Content Promotion Tactics 

Sadly, lots of business owners think that just because they’ve written a blog and posted it on their website, that the internet will somehow be magically alerted of its presence and all flock to their blog to consume their content. 

This fantasy is purely that – just a fantasy. In the real world, you’re going to need to heavily promote your web content on social media, PPC ads, etc. to even have a chance of competing against your rivals. This could be on Facebook, Instagram, through SEO, etc. 

Don’t make the incredibly common mistake of spending countless hours creating custom content, and then doing absolutely zero promotional work on it. If you’re wondering why none of your content gets any views or engagement, lack of promotion is most likely the reason (or the quality of your content isn’t up to par). 


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