The lifespan of lingerie depends on a few factors, such as how you take care of it and how often it is worn. Good bras and panties can last for a few years, but daily underwear probably needs to be replaced every six months to a year. Here a few telltale signs that indicate your women’s underwear probably needs to be updated.

Stretched Fabric

Elastic and fabrics can lose their stretchiness over time. When lace bras or panties don’t have enough stretch, the lingerie won’t offer enough support. Your underwear can fall off your body. Take some time to assess your panties and bras to make sure they fit you. Your body changes over time, which can impact the comfort and fit of your underwear.

Irritating Material

Underwear gets washed fairly often, so the material can get rough. Lingerie needs to be soft and silky against your skin to prevent cysts or rashes. Just toss those panties and bras that irritate your skin or aren’t comfortable to wear. Life’s too short to wear underwear that doesn’t feel good. Even though no one else may see the undergarments, they may notice your discomfort. You won’t feel as confident.

Out Of Shape

Whether you wear a classic t-shirt bra, a sports bra or full underwire bra, the one thing you want is support. When underwear gets old, it loses its shape, lessening the support it provides when wearing it. Bra cups should not have bulges or gaps. When your underwear starts to show signs of not fitting or being out of shape, replace it to make sure you feel good about your clothes.

Stains and Odors

Underwear stains are almost inevitable. Almost every woman has period panties that she only wears during that time of the month, but when all your panties are stained, it’s not fun. Bras can also get stained from sweat and grime. Keep your lingerie presentable, so you’re ready for any situation. Sweat and bacteria can also cause underwear to have an odor. If your panties and bras still have a bad odor after washing, you shouldn’t wear them. It’s a breeding ground for more bacteria. And no one wants a UTI.

Keep Your Underwear Looking Great

You may get more mileage out of your underwear than 6 to 12 months by buying high-quality underwear made of durable fabrics and accessories and paying attention to how you wash and dry your lingerie. Heat causes elastic and fabrics to deteriorate and fade. Read the instructions on how to take care of your bras. In general, wash your underwear on a delicate cycle. Use a lingerie bag for your bras to prevent damage to the closures and to avoid stretching. Dry your bras on a laundry rack instead of the dryer. When you do replace your clothes, look for a place where the fabric can be recycled. When you take care of your lingerie, you’ll feel more confident wearing it. That confidence comes through your demeanor. No one may see your underwear, but they’ll notice that.