A proper dose of Kratom is very important. Higher than the recommended dose can cause nausea and vomiting. Lower than recommended dose can’t produce the desired result. You have to measure your tolerance and take kratom according to that. This measurement varies from person to person. Today I will explain how you will measure appropriate kratom dosages for yourself.

As this beneficial herb is still unclassified, beginner kratom users do not always know about the doses and their importance. Before I go into the technical aspect of measuring kratom dosages, here are few things a beginner kratom user should do.

Start Small and increase slowly

You don’t know your body’s tolerance. Everyone has a different tolerance for kratom. For some 3 grams makes them euphoric, while others even 8 grams don’t work. And others feel nauseous after taking 1 gram. New users must refrain from taking high kratom dosages. If a smaller dose doesn’t give you the desired result, then increase the dose slowly. 0.5-gram increment is the best way to go. 

Avoid taking kratom on an empty stomach

Any substance you take, the effect will be much stronger and faster if taken on an empty stomach. You should never take kratom on an empty stomach. People have reported getting extremely nauseating after taking kratom on an empty stomach. We also don’t entertain the idea of doing this for experienced kratom users. Stomach irritation, Acid reflux, heartburn, vomiting are common symptoms many users have reported after taking kratom on an empty stomach.

We have noticed in some forums that few users are claiming to get a stronger effect after taking kratom on an empty stomach. But we are warning you never to do that, and we request you not to believe such claims. Your safety is our utmost concern.

Learn about the strain you are taking

Different types of Kratom strains have different effects. You have to learn how one strain differs from another and its effects. Here is a short description:

Red Vein: Most popular, good for beginners. It makes you relax and calm. It has a Mild sedation effect and makes the mood better.

White Vein: Can be used instead of coffee. It energizes the body and increases focus. Never take it before sleeping. It reduces stress and gives an internal freshness.

Green Vein: It is kind of a mix between the red vein and white vein. It offers a mixed effect, and it is also used as a pain relief herbal medicine.

You might have also heard the name of Bali, Indo, and Maeng Da kratom. It is the name of the origin area. Bali and Indo Kratoms are from Indonesia. Maeng Da Kratom originates from Thailand.

Only choose high-quality Kratom

For its high demand, many people and companies are selling kratom. Some are selling it at half the price of the well-known brands. But there is a catch. In our investigation, we found that most of the cheap new kratom sellers are selling low-quality Kratoms, and they are also mixing many unknown harmful substances to increase the strength. You must be very careful about those sellers. The industry is unregulated, and quite a few evil sellers are trying to make money by selling low-quality kratoms. Lo quality kratoms don’t give the desired effect, and sometimes it can even be life-threatening as they don’t maintain any food safety. Our kratoms are lab tested. You can buy kratom from thegoldenmonk.com without any worries. They are one of the highest quality kratom sellers in the market. And their business policy is also very transparent.

Only choose high-quality Kratom

The Measurement

Now, let’s get to the measurement part. There are many ways to measure Kratom dosages. But not all methods are useful. The most popular and easy method is measuring with a measurement spoon. It is far from perfect. But we are not doing scientific research. So, up to 20% error is acceptable. We found that most measurement spoons available on the market don’t exceed the 20% error margin. 

If you want to be precise, digital measurement equipment is the way to go. You can find a very good quality measurement device within 50 USD. If money is not a problem and you plan to use Kratom form a long time, then the digital weight machine is our recommendation.

Kratom, if used properly, can do miracles. We sometimes see negative reviews in forums from Kratom users. Our investigation has revealed in 99% of cases; the negative reviews are from beginner users who failed to take the right dose. There is also the fact that many users are buying low-quality Kratoms. And when they don’t get expected results from using those low quality and harmful products, they blame the whole Kratom industry. We have already mentioned a well-known kratom company earlier in our article. We can guarantee you that if you use Kratom properly and don’t compromise with the quality, you will never regret using Kratom.