Nowadays, a lot of people are getting interested in Kratom. It is made from dried leaf powder. So, it’s 100% natural. But there are many strains of it. Not all are equal. The effects and potency of kratom vary strain to strain.

Normally people take less than 1 gram for mild effects like boosting energy, feeling better, reducing anxiety, etc. If you go over 3 grams, then the story changes; you will get sedated and have euphoric feelings. But going over 3 grams can also cause nausea and vomiting.

Today I will inform you about the main 3 strains of kratom and few popular secondary strains. It should give beginner Kratom users an in-depth knowledge to make a decision on which one he/she should choose. And why one should choose one strain over another.

The Best Kratom Strain For You
Most people buy Kratom online. There are hundreds of choices. They are different in name and color. Sometimes the same strain of Kratom can have a different name in different places. The main and easiest classification is done by the leaf vein color of the Kratom. From the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, it can be red, white, or green. There are also some strains with golden or yellowish leaf veins.

You will be surprised to know; the same Kratom tree can have different vein colors on its leaves. This tropical tree grows almost everywhere in south Asia. Strains mainly get named by its origin, place, and color of its veins while harvesting. The color of the vein is on the first part of the naming, and the origin is generally placed at the ending.

Kratom powder is normally green but different strains, and manufacturing processes make the final color. The final product is normally among different shades of green.

In the springtime, the leaves of the kratom tree get white color. After the ending of spring in summer, the color of veins changes to green. During the fall, the leaf’s veins get red. After the veins get red the leaves normally fall off the tree. Before the leaves start falling, the harvesters collect it.

You will be surprised to know even if the leaves are from the same tree; the drying technique varies depending on the color. White vein leaves are dried in the dark inside a room with good ventilation. Green vein leaves are dried in the same way as the white vein leaves. But after it gets finished drying indoors, it is brought to sunlight and dried once again before processing. The red vein leaves are dried in UV light, and it gets through multiple phases of drying between light and dark.

Now that you know about the primary strains, it’s time for explaining the secondary strains. They are also called hybrids. To create hybrids, multiple strains of kratoms are crossbreed. As a result, it enhances the alkaloids and maximizes the effect of the resulting strain.  

Now the final question comes, why would you choose one strain over another?

It depends on your personal preference and needs. White and red strains are known as potent strains with a stronger kick, whereas green strains give the mixed result of both.

These points will help you determine which one do you need:

Red Vein Kratom

  • A most popular strain of kratom
  • Easy to find and abundant in nature
  • Great for beginners
  • Has a pleasing and calming effect on body and mind
  • Suitable as a sleep aid works great against insomnia
  • Relaxes muscle and can be used in place of painkillers
  • Gives mild euphoric feeling and removes depression
  • Strong extracts can be used against opioid dependency.
  • Gives sexual stamina boost.

White Vein Kratom

  • Used as a mood enhancer
  • Most euphoric of all kratom strains
  • Kan makes you feel very happy if taken in higher doses
  • Can be taken instead of coffee
  • Gives increased concentration powers and more stamina
  • Can be a great medicine during painful periods
  • Can lead to restless sleep (Don’t take before sleeping)

Green Vein Kratom

  • It is mainly used as an energy booster
  • Can be considered a mix of red and white strains due to its effect
  • Enhances focus and brightens up the mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Does not give drowsiness in higher doses
  • Removes social anxiety
  • Makes confident
  • Can make you more talkative and friendly

So, which one are you going to choose? I hope this article will help you understand where Kratom comes from and which strain or which mixes should you choose according to your need. It is to be noted that the kratom effect can change depending on the quality, manufacturing process, location, climate, etc. So, not all green veins will have the same result, and the same goes for other strains. Characteristics described here are for general cases. You should only choose the highest quality kratom to have the desired effect. offers the best quality kratom available in the market. It is trusted by thousands of users worldwide and guarantees the desired effect.