There is a lot that goes around to make a person feel anxious. Exams, break ups, meetings, and presentations are just one of the few from the many things that can make your stress level goes up to the sky. You may start feeling nauseous, tired, and breathless. Anxiety can also make you have some mild or significant panic attacks. But how can you deal with so much? Well, take a break and try to relax while we tell you some effective methods to help you calm down your anxiety.

Stress Management

The exact cause of anxiety is unknown; however, stress can be an indicator that can either cause anxiety or make it worse even. If you prolonged stress, it could be said that it is the reason your mental health is deteriorating. Try to find out that causes you to be stressful – to do that; you can write yourself a stress journal, where you write down day to day experiences and triggers of your stress.— this will help you get anxiety treatmentas you will be able to point out your stress inducers and work on them.

Stress management

Collect Your Thoughts 

You need to meditate every once in a while, to help you collect your negative and positive thoughts. Sometimes you can feel anxious because of overthinking. Once you can think about the positives, you can try and overweigh them against the negatives to help you cope better and to see the silver lining. The best way to do this is by sitting up straight in a quiet and distraction-free place. Soon, all your thoughts would come to you, and you can have a mindful conversation with yourself to help you deal with your situation.

Deep Breathing Exercise 

Deep breathing exercises can help you manage your stress and help you calm down. From 10 to 20 times, breathe in deeply and hold your breath for a few seconds collectively, keep repeating until you feel a little better; this is an effective method to help you from anxiety or panic attacks also.

Anxiety treatment

Avoid Certain Foods

 Mostly unhealthy food can increase the risk of anxiety, especially soda, sugary items, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol. These are not only dangerous for your physical health but also your mental health. You need to be careful about what you eat.

Time Management

You should do your daily tasks effectively and responsibly. Poor time management skills can trigger your anxiety massively because you wouldn’t be able to do tasks and would get worried about them last minute. If this would keep on repeating, then surely your anxiety will build up, causing a lot of problems for you.

Final Thoughts- Seek Professional Help

In case your anxiety and depression are getting to hard to handle, you can simply get psychology treatment online, and surely a specialist will heal you deal with anxiety in the best way possible with either counseling medication or both. It is safe to talk to a doctor as they would know what would heal you from your trouble.