Looking after our mental health should be one of the things we consider a priority. We should not take it for granted and always make sure that we find ways to de-stress and take the load off of our minds. What are some of the simple activities we can do to keep our mental health in good condition? Read on!

Find Someone You Can Talk To

Talking to someone can definitely ease up the stress that you are feeling. Having someone listen to you can help ease the burden of the problem you have been carrying. People think that when we talk about our feelings, it is a sign of weakness, but it is actually the opposite. By talking about our feelings, we bravely face the challenges that we recognize, and we are strong enough to admit that we do need help sometimes. 

Having someone who is ready to listen gives that assurance that somebody is ready to support you. 

Be Active, Stay Active

By following a routine or a schedule of regular exercising, it helps boost your self-esteem. Research proves that by doing physical activities, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel energetic. And it also helps in concentration, feeling better about yourself, and better sleep at night.


People often use supplements or smart drugs to battle mental stress. These supplements or drugs not only help with mental stress, but they also help in boosting the brain’s performance. There are no approved therapeutic claims from these smart drugs, but experts say that these have some good effects on brain function and memory enhancement too. The quality is also important in order to have good results, Chemical Planet offers one of the best nootropics in the market.

Get a Hobby

Some people prefer to do something they are good at. Few would spend an hour or two of their day to paint and release all those stress with a stroke of a brush. Some get their relaxation by reading a book they have been longing to read. Some people try to finish a fun puzzle and have it framed. Different people have different choices. You just have to find a hobby that will suit you.

Go on a Vacation

If you feel like work is exhausting you, file for a leave of absence and go on a vacation. A change of scenery sometimes helps relax the body and mind. Hearing the sound of the waves at the beach can be very soothing, or how about crickets and the birds at a nature reserve? Don’t take yourself for granted, and take time also to see nature if you can.


Yoga was developed in India over 5000 years ago. It helps calm a person’s nervous system- therefore helping the reduction of mental stress. Yoga offers a lot of positions that one can do in order to release that stress build-up. From the simple Padangusthasana or Big Toe Pose to the Marjaryasana or the Cat Pose, it not only helps lower down stress levels, but it also improves posture, breathing, and even heart rate.

Alcohol Moderation

If you are stressed out, it won’t hurt to go out with friends and grab a drink or two and let loose. However, over-drinking might make you feel a lot worse in the morning once that drink wears off. Always do it in moderation. 

Promote a Positive Work Environment

Encourage your colleagues to implement measures and activities that help keep the working environment in the office stress-free. Holding a team meeting where you can talk about how your days went and checking up on each other helps in lowering down office stress. Planning employee training and engagement activities help in creating a work environment that is happy and stress-free.

Avoid Smoking – Mental Health

Some people believe that when you smoke, it helps relax your mind, and it helps you think, but it is actually false. Research shows that when people take in nicotine, it increases anxiety and tension.