Over 400,000 New York residents have vision impairment issues, and many people are under the impression that they have to live with their vision.

The good news is that LASIK surgery has improved so much over recent years that many people can enjoy life without glasses or contact lenses when they take the leap and get corrective surgery on their eyes.

The number of LASIK surgeries in New York is reaching an all-time high. In the long run, LASIK is more cost-effective than buying contact lenses or glasses month after month.

What is LASIK?

LASEK differs from LASIK surgery in that instead of creating an external flap on your eye’s surface; doctors make a small internal incision. A new layer back and assumes its correct position over the eye.

It is a more natural way of having surgery on your eyes and the recovery time is faster than that of LASIK.

How is LASIK Carried Out?

Perhaps the most common and well-known type of corrective surgery on eyes—LASIK has been helping improve vision for many years now. The goal is to create an incision in front of your eye at just the right place, allowing light onto your retina correctly.

Then using ultra-precise lasers, they can remove or reshape the eyeglass lens so that you should no longer need glasses or contacts if you have chosen to get traditional LASIK done.

Just this year, almost 635,000 Americans have gotten LASIK or are seriously considering getting corrective surgery on their eyes. The average price for LASIK in New York City is around $2200 per eye.

Some people, however, are looking at upwards of $4000 per eye if they need treatments like PRK instead of the more popular Lasik that uses a laser to shave off just the right amount of tissue in your eyes. The differences between the two are trivial enough that they are not worth discussing here.

How Much Does LASIK Surgery in New York Cost?

New York City has several world-class ophthalmologists. If you are interested in getting corrective surgery, it is recommended that you make an appointment with them before you make any decisions.

They will review your medical history and examine your eyes to see if they are healthy enough for surgery. If not, they can also refer you to another doctor specializing in treating people who may not be ideal candidates for LASIK.

The average price for LASIK surgery in New York includes everything from checking into the hospital on the day of your procedure to walking out wearing a pair of eye shields over your newly corrected eyes. The cost of performing LASIK on both eyes is around $5000 in NYC.

However, it is essential to note that several different factors go into the price of LASIK because it can vary quite a bit depending on where you live and who you choose as your surgeon.

Pre-existing Conditions

The first thing to consider is whether or not you have any pre-existing medical conditions that might make surgery risky for your eyes at the time being.

People with autoimmune diseases like Parkinson’s or Lupus need to be especially careful about this because their bodies could attack the lenses in their eyes during the healing period if they are not healthy enough for surgery just yet.

Accordingly, they will most likely need to wait until they recover before having corrective surgery on their eyes. If such is the case, you will have to factor in the cost of regular prescription eyeglasses.

Technology Used

Most insurance companies do not cover the costs of glasses or contacts for people who need corrective surgery until they can get it done. The next thing that affects the price is what kind of technology your surgeon uses for LASIK.

Just like with buying a new home appliance, getting a machine that has more features and capabilities will mean spending more money on your vision correction procedure than someone who decides to go with something less expensive.

The Reputation of the Clinic

Finally, location can play an essential role in how much LASIK surgery in New York City will cost you. If you live near a city with plenty of ophthalmologists practicing within its borders, chances are you have more options from which to choose.

In addition, there is likely going to be more competition amongst the doctors there; so they may be more willing to offer discounts or roll back their prices to attract new customers.


As such, LASIK does not qualify for coverage under your plan unless you can provide proof that it was medically necessary due to some permanent eye injury or disease.