It’s no secret that most Americans don’t get enough fiber in their diets. One of the unfortunate results of this lack of fiber is everyone’s favorite digestive condition—constipation. Thinking about it worldwide, constipation is outnumbering all other chronic digestive conditions. Imagine: your loved one, your neighbor, your co-worker is fighting bloated stomach issues daily. And that’s a pain in the gut.

pain in the gut

When are you considered “constipated”? Well, if your bagpipe is out of breath for more than 3 days… it is probably clogged. And needs some dusting. These metaphors are getting weirder and creepier. We know. But jokes aside, if your bowels aren’t regular – that’s already a red flag.

The causes of it are simple yet alarming: lack of sleep, an imbalanced lifestyle, meaning you eat awful, you don’t drink enough liquids, and the max physical activity is those 20 steps to the bathroom.

But There’s a Good Side!

Constipation is an easily treatable problem. Your googling might give you some obvious explanations (metabolism is slowing down) but no real solutions to the issue.

Now, there’s no need to chug a gallon of gasoline – you don’t want to erupt like a human Hiroshima. There are better and simpler constipation remedies to achieve gastrointestinal exorcism.


If you are in a tight spot and need to get the ball rolling immediately, you need to bump up your fiber consumption. Eat a boatload of fruit, chow down on some spinach in the morning, or mix it in with your other food to keep the flow going. There are unlimited sources of fiber to choose from, as long as you get 20–25 grams of the daily dose.

Smoothies: Go extra leafy green, go crazy bananas, go yogurt-almond nuts to accelerate the gut work; healthy fruit and veggie shakes are the best for breakfast.

Snacks: Pecan, cashews, raisins, dried fruits, berries, prunes(!) – oh, the list goes on and on. When you chew slowly and crunch on these healthy options, you give more time for your gut to digest proper meals.

Salads: Kale, greek, fruit salad – you have no idea how many nutrients and fluids these fresh meals have. So if you’re a fan of Iceberg lettuce – get a gutful of salad with your preferred ingredients.

fiber supplements

Fiber supplements

Since you probably don’t want to consume caloric food to meet your fiber requirements, consider fiber supplements. Just make sure you drink a lot of water, or you might make constipation worse. Nowadays, you can choose from pill form to powder form; without taste to mix it with chicken broth or a berry-flavored one to enjoy fiber-rich Slurpees.

These are the best types of laxatives since they give a fuller, longer effect and give you more benefits than a quick bowel eruption. Of course, there’s nothing bad in using laxatives; just note that they can become an addictive habit. It’s a quick cure but not a treatment.

For starters and taste-lovers, ColonBroom is highly recommended. It’s a psyllium husk powder that works gently with your intestine and makes sure you get back on a regular track. Plus, the ingredients are sugar-free, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and the smoothie has a divine strawberryish taste.

ColonBroom strawberryish taste


On the other hand, you don’t need to overdo it with the fiber (especially from whole grains – those just tend to plug some people up). If you get cramps or just general malaise, sometimes simple exercise will do the magic. A 20-minute walk, a little bit of stretching, or rolling on a yoga mat is enough to pump out the intestine.

Tons of water

Fluid intake. Increase that. Drink lots of water. Increased fiber intake requires increased water intake. If you think it’s not helping, definitely keep drinking water. It will help when you finally do have a bowel movement by making it not feel like you’re trying to push out your intestines.

P.S. Did we mention fluid? Drink a lot.

Treat your colon

We’re shouting here about fiber, about exercise, about gallons of water – but do we actually know how to “properly” poop? Can you do it without pushing?

In fact, yes. It has to go down without any straining. Top pooping advice here: once sitting on the throne, don’t sit patiently like a 1st grader. Lean forward about 45 degrees. This is how we poo naturally (like monkeys and babies). It feels GODLY. And works without any effort.

Bottom Line

Fecal demons visit us from time to time, yes, it is common, and yes – it might happen again. As long as you know your foods and have a balanced lifestyle, constipation is cured easily. These listed constipation remedies are time-checked and valid; trust us, humanity has done it for centuries.

To regularity!

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