The health information technology software or medical software market is huge these days. Generally speaking, it helps healthcare providers and medical facilities manage their patients as well as their practices better. There are different software solutions available, ranging from enterprise medical software to electronic health record software.

A large segment of the health information technology software market consists of patient engagement software. Although more and more physicians and hospitals are integrating its use in their daily operations, currently, it’s bound to make a bigger splash soon. Experts estimate that its value is going to be at $43.47 billion by 2027.

Because of this, it is a good idea for today’s healthcare providers and medical facilities to quit waiting for the future. They can start reaping the benefits of using such digital tools right now as preparation for big things to come. Besides, they are not the only ones that can benefit from leaping into digitization, but their patients as well.

There are various patient engagement software options currently in existence. All of them are electronic systems designed to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and facilities. The aim is not only to simplify the management of patient-doctor relationships but also to facilitate the provision of educational resources and post-discharge treatments.

Although these solutions tend to differ from one another as they come from different providers or developers of health information technology software, many of them share the same features. Some of those that doctors and hospitals should look for when searching for a product to integrate into their daily operations are:

Patient Registration

These days, 76.3% of patients look for doctors on the internet. That’s because it is a time- and money-saving alternative to hopping from one medical facility to the next. To make consulting doctors for the first time easier, a lot of patient engagement solutions allow the patients to complete forms even before they step foot outside their homes.

Encrypted Messaging

Other than the identification of a health-related concern and bouncing back from it, maintaining privacy is also a priority of the patients. Fortunately, the best patient engagement tools in the current market feature secure messaging; this allows the patients and their healthcare providers to communicate with each other in an encrypted manner.

Appointment Reminders

To stay in the pink of health or to maintain recovery progress, it’s important to visit doctors regularly. This is why one of the top features of today’s patient engagement solutions is a reminder tool that informs the patients of upcoming appointments via email, text message, or recorded audio. Through this, it’s possible to prevent missed appointments.

Prescription Refills

Aside from regular trips to the doctor’s office, daily administration of one’s prescription drugs is also an important component of recovery and wellness. With the help of patent engagement tools, it’s possible to get prescription refills without much trouble; this is a time-saving solution not only for the patients but also for their respective doctors.

Information Dissemination

Personalized healthcare allows the patients to obtain the attention and care they need exactly; this is when the ability of patient engagement solutions to disseminate information comes in handy. Physicians can select content using a medical tablet for specific patients as well as conditions, and make vital pieces of information available for the patients to access.

There are many other features that today’s patient engagement tools come with. When choosing one, healthcare providers and facilities should take into account their needs and those of their patients, too.