There are many good reasons to avoid drugs when you have chronic pain. For starters, it is easy to become addicted when you have chronic pain because as soon as the drugs affect off, the pain comes back.

It can also get very expensive to be taking prescriptions. And lastly, drugs can put you in a daze all day when treating your pain.

Take a look at some of these alternatives for drug free treatment of your chronic pain. In this study, we will cover some of the different ways to treat your pain. Of course, it is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. 

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

TENS, for short, is a treatment that uses electrical pulses to give you relief in the area where you feel the most pain.

The way it works is that it relaxes muscles to give your nerves some relief. Then your blood flow increases to bring much needed oxygen to your inflamed area.

Some of the most useful devices, according to tens machine buyers. They are easy to use and will hopefully help you feel better.

CBD oil

Now that hemp production has been legalized across the US, people realize what a wonder cannabinoids can be when treating pain and other ailments. 

Used as a cream, it reacts with endocannabinoid receptors, which then sends anti-inflammatory chemicals to the cells. It is an analgesic that has virtually no side effects. 

Since CBD contains either no or very low amounts of THC, people that take drug tests will still pass. CBD has been deemed safe to use as it is non-addictive and not psychotropic. 



It may seem extreme to treat pain by inserting dozens of needles into your skin. Yet, people swear it has helped them immensely with their pain treatment.

Nobody knows precisely how or why it works, but studies suggest that it is a release of endorphins to the affected area that helps relieve the pain.

It does take a seasoned pro to get you good results. Unfortunately, there are some out there who think they know what they are doing but are not as qualified as others. Make sure you do some research to find one with good reviews. 



Tight muscles are sometimes the culprit when it comes to chronic pain. Inflammation puts pressure on nerves from tight or damaged muscles, which causes pain.

Stretching is a good way to naturally repair your muscles and allow an increase in blood flow. Yoga is an ideal way to do these stretches to relax those muscles and take the pressure off of your nerves.

It is important not to do a style of yoga that is intense or asks you to hold poses for long periods without props. This may exacerbate your pain.

Look for classes in restorative yoga as these styles are generally easy for the beginner, and the focus is on good stretching techniques.