Joining the gym isn’t a viable option for many people due to several factors. For some, the idea of being surrounded by exceptionally fit people dressed head to toe in Lycra can be quite intimidating. Many people don’t want to commit to a monthly membership (or can’t afford one), and lots of parents are restricted in terms of leaving the house due to lack of childcare. 

The good news is that if getting fit is something you want to achieve, there are many enjoyable alternatives. Here are 3 ways to keep fit without having to join the gym. 


Running is not only great for your fitness levels but your mindset too. It is said to reduce stress, boost memory, and increase serotonin levels and so is a great all-round exercise. 

Many people decide very quickly (usually after one attempt) that running is simply not for them. This is normally because they have sprinted to the end of the road and been so out of breath that they don’t think it’s something they would be any good at – wrong! Running is about increasing stamina and training your body to recover and so must be done slowly and steadily. Over time, your body will build strength, and your lungs will recover faster. 

If you do want to give it a try, running programs such as Couch to 5k are great for beginners. Within just 9 weeks, you will be running for around 30 minutes with no breaks. 

Home gym

If you love the idea of going to the gym but can’t attend one, why not think about creating a dedicated gym area in your home? There will be an initial outlay involved for the equipment, but on the flip side, you will save a lot of money in costly joining fees and monthly gym memberships. 

If this is something you are considering, make sure your chosen room is well ventilated and large enough to provide adequate movement around each piece of equipment. 

Installing rubber gym flooring will ensure adequate grip when training and is not only easy to install but extremely simple to clean. It’s also a very comfortable option if you want to give pilates or yoga a try.  


Walking is a very popular form of exercise which not only provides the wonderful benefits of fresh air but caters to a wide range of fitness levels. 

Many walkers enjoy days out on the hills or in the countryside, whilst others prefer to explore their local surroundings. If you intend walking for a decent length of time regularly or do like the idea of taking to the hills, it’s a good idea to get a well-fitting pair of walking shoes. They will not only make it easier but will protect the bones in your feet too. 

Whilst walking might not be as rigorous as going to the gym, it’s still a great way to exercise, and it doesn’t cost a penny.