Most of the falls reported by seniors occur in the bathroom. Such falls are risky as they could be fatal or cause serious injuries. The falls happen due to the slippery nature of bathrooms when they are wet. The first step toward protecting your senior loved ones from such is buying them a walk-in tub. The best walk-in tubs for elderlies have features that offer massage to relax muscles. Apart from providing safety and independence, these tubs have more benefits.

So, what are walk-in tubs for the elderly?

These are redesigned bathtubs that offer people with mobility issues safety when bathing. In this guide, we have an in-depth discussion on everything you need to know about walk-in tubs.

Let’s delve in.

Why Walk-in Tubs Are Essential for the Elderly

Traditional tubs have high sides that make it difficult for seniors to use. Walk-in tubs for elderly people have a low threshold and doors that open inward and outward. They also have grab bars, no slip surfaces, and built-in seats to enhance the bathing experience.

Primary Features of Best Walk-in Tubs Designed for Seniors

Besides safety and comfort, walk-in tubs for the elderly provide health benefits. They have hydrotherapy jets that release air and warm water to massager users. They also have built-in seats to offer comfort to seniors who cannot stand for longer periods.

Crucial Factors to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Walk-in Tub for the Elderly

When selecting walk-in tubs for the elderly, you need to consider the following factors:

Door Type and Watertight Seals

Tubs have inward-opening doors and outward-opening doors. The inward-opening door needs less open space than the outward-opening one. You must also ensure high-quality watertight seals to prevent leaks.

Tub Depth and Built-in Seating

When buying a walk-in tub for the elderly, ensure it has the appropriate depth. A deeper one offers the user a more immersive and relaxed bathing experience. It should also have a built-in seat to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

Non-slip Surfaces and Grip Bars

Ensure the tub floor has a textured surface. The sitting area and entry threshold should also be non-slip. As your senior moves around, they need to use grip bars. Ensure grip bars are around the entry and exit points and the sitting area.

Hydrotherapy and Air-Jet Options

A suitable walk-in tub for elderly people has hydrotherapy and air-jet features. These features allow targeted massage and relaxation for the users.

Ease of Controls and Accessibility

Get a walk-in tub for seniors that has ease of control. It should be intuitive and easy for seniors to understand. They need tubs with large buttons, clear icons, and simple user interfaces. The controls should be easy to reach for a senior who is seated.

Economic Considerations: From Standard to Premium Models

Below are economic factors to consider when buying walk-in tubs for the elderly.

Standard models

Standard models are more affordable compared to the others. They provide basic functionalities and features. These models do not offer advanced therapeutic functions and luxury features.

Mid-range models

These walk-in tubs allow the customization of basic therapeutic elements and safety features. They enable users to experience some level of pain relief and relaxation.

Premium models

The luxurious tubs are well-equipped with advanced elements. Materials used to make the tubs are top-of-the-line. They have a high upfront cost. However, they are a great long-term investment.

Review of Prominent Walk-in Tub Brands Catering for the Elderly

American Standard is a great brand offering high-quality walk-in tubs with accessible features. They provide therapeutic features like air massage systems and whirlpools. Users appreciate its variety of safety features.

Jacuzzi is also a high-quality brand, offering walk-in tubs with hydrotherapy features. Their tubs have ergonomic designs and waterjets to provide a luxurious experience. Users appreciate the effectiveness of its hydrotherapy features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Complex Is the Installation Process of These Tubs?

Complexity matters based on different circumstances. The process will be more involving if you fix a tub with advanced features. For example, hydrotherapy systems.

Are There Any Tax Benefits or Grants Available for Installing Walk-in Tubs for the Elderly?

Yes. In countries like the USA, there can be deductions on the cost and installation of the tub. However, the doctor has to ascertain that that tub is medically necessary.

What Measures Ensure That the Water Temperature Is Safe for Seniors

You can install anti-scald valves in the plumbing system for temperature regulation. They adjust the cold and hot water mixture to ensure the temperature is safe and consistent.

How Do Walk-in Tubs Differ From Traditional Tubs in Terms of Water Consumption?

Walk-in tubs use less water because their step-in height is higher. They are also smaller and shallower than traditional tubs, requiring less water.