If you’re interested on knowing how to do Kriya Yoga, but you’re not sure what to expect when practicing this form of yoga, you may be wondering how you practice it in your day-to-day life. We’ll discuss the basics of Kriya Yoga practice and philosophy to help you learn more about this spiritual practice.

Kriya Yoga Is Not Like Hatha Yoga – It Does Not Focus On Physical Exercise

If you are picturing people in workout clothes doing yoga poses, you’re probably thinking of Hatha Yoga, which has been transformed into Western exercise yoga in the 20th century.

It is quite different. While Hatha Yoga and yoga as exercise have their benefits, this modern form of yoga is usually not concerned with the transformation of the spirit or Self- realization.

In contrast, this is exactly what is meant to be attained through Kriya Yoga. It is a set of spiritual principles and practices that are intended to help you reach self-realization and spiritual enlightenment. Let’s discuss Kriya Yoga in more detail now.

Kriya Yoga Is Not Like Hatha Yoga

Kriya Yoga Blends Influences from Many Different Types of Yoga

Kriya Yoga brings together a wide variety of elements and influences from different ancient yogic practices, including:

Raja yoga – From this practice, Kriya gets its step-by-step meditation methodology and Ashtanga (eight limbs of practice).

Bhakti yoga – From Bhakti Yoga, Kriya

gets its focus on surrendered devotion, the focus on surrendering yourself and opening yourself to enlightenment from the divine world.

Jnana yoga – From Jnana Yoga, Kriya obtains its focus on self-inquiry, and on the process of self-realization, liberation, and salvation.

Karma yoga – From Karma Yoga, Yoga gets its focus on unselfish action and the importance of selfless service – and the purification of the mind and soul that are related to following this path.

In this way, It is a sort of syncretic revival of ancient yoga – incorporating and improving upon practices and methods used by numerous branches of yogic practice.

Kriya Yoga Blends

Kriya Is Practiced With Purposeful, Conscious Living and Regular Meditation

The primary way that followers of Kriya tradition “do” Kriya is by practicing healthy, conscious and purposeful living – living with intentionality that helps provide them with a more holistic view of the truth of the world.

In this way, followers of Kriya are attempting to follow dharma– the right way of living. By living in accordance with dharma, followers of Kriya can enter into more perfect, purposeful harmony with the world as spiritual beings – and attain true self-realization, which is the peak of human enlightenment.

There is more to Kriya than simply living in accordance with dharma, however. Practitioners of Kriya also practice super conscious meditation. In this type of meditation, one’s attention and mental energies are not engaged in thinking about the outward activities of their lives – but are instead opened up and engrossed with the super conscious experience.

This Kriya technique reveals the true state of the world – and by removing mental obstacles, calming the mind, and quieting the spirit, the true radiance of the Self and the spiritual world can be realized.

Should I Practice Kriya Yoga? Find Out!

Despite its emphasis on the spirit, It is a spiritual path – not a religion. It’s a way of life, and it is ideal for all people who wish to live a more wholesome, self-realized, and spiritually- balanced lifestyle.

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