If your body has been through something rough, such as a car crash or hard fall, then physical therapy must be prominent in your mind. It offers a chance at normalcy, at getting your life back to how you used to know it.

Sticking to schedules, and following new routines, can be difficult for anybody. If you’re not sure if you should stick to it, or even go in the first place, below are a few reasons you should.

Pain Management

Pain Management

The main goal of physical therapy is to make sure your body feels right again. You want back the mobility and natural thoughtless motion. It can get extremely frustrating if you’re not to be able to do what you used to. Although physical therapy may remind you of that, you must remember that sticking with it is the only way to get to a new ‘normal.’ Getting rid of pain, as much as possible is a significant first step.

Improve Balance

The only way to make sure you’re able to move steadily is to practice. In physical therapy, with professionals on hand, you can know that you’re safe to work on it. Not only will physical therapy help you avoid falling again in the future, but it will also help give you the tools to get back up if you do fall.

Keep Up Improvement

If you quit physical therapy, there’s a chance you’ll fall back into your old ways. Instead of working towards a goal, you may end up losing what progress you’ve made. Weekly or monthly appointments will keep you moving forward. By giving you a schedule, it will provide you with a reason to keep working at it.

There’s always another goal to get reached, and another improvement possible, if you work with professionals.

Normalize Your Situation

Working with people who understand what you’re going through can help you feel more ordinary. Instead of feeling marked by what you’ve gone through, physical therapy will give you a sense of community and understanding that you’re more than your pain. You deserve to live a life outside of what you experienced. A sense of community can also help you heal faster.

Avoid Surgery

Avoid Surgery

Above all else, physical therapy can help save you from the cost and pain of surgery. Instead of having to get a joint replaced or corrected, you can work at it gradually. You’ll avoid the trauma of having surgery, and get to feel a sense of accomplishment that you’ve worked for your improvement. Although not all operations can get avoided, physical therapy can help make sure that you avoid those that can.


It all comes down to what lifestyle you want for yourself. If you’re worried about the pain of working at it, or easily frustrated by slow results, keep in mind that you’re not alone in this. There are support groups for people going through a similar process. Reaching out, being open about what you’ve gone through- and what you’re going through- is an essential step towards rehabilitation as well.