America is gorgeous. Sandwiched between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, this continent is packed with amazing destinations for solo travellers. If you are planning a solo adventure to detoxify yourself, the USA has all kinds of different landscapes, cultures, and amazing places just waiting for you. This incredible country has some of the best tropical beaches, the highest mountain tops, and awe-inspiring glaciers of the world. When it comes to deserts featuring breathtaking rock formations, America will never disappoint you.

So, if you are someone who wants to test out solo travelling in America, you have made a great choice. You will need to prepare yourself for this adventure, and it is best if you get the services of professional solo tour operators such as Vacayou. These companies have travelling experts that will save you a lot of trouble in arranging accommodations and making reservations at popular tourist destinations.

Speaking of popular tourist destinations, there are so many options in America that most people wonder where to start. So, for your convenience, here are some of our favorite destinations for solo travellers that can get you started in no time.

Alabama Hills, California

The Alabama Hills is filled with amazing views of the Eastern Sierras and lots of history of Hollywood stars. If you plan a solo road trip here, you will enjoy every minute of it. This place has great locations for landscape photography along with numerous photogenic stops featuring the popular Movie Road, Mobius Arch (try to visit it at sunset!), Miss Alabama and Boot Arch.

Many solo travellers in Alabama Hills say that this is the perfect place to enjoy solitude. The people are nice and friendly here, and the food is delicious too. If you like long road trips into the desert, this may be the perfect destination for you. For detox vacations and spiritual vibe, try camping near the famous arches. The stargazing there and the sunsets are just like those we get to see in the movies.

Alabama Hills-California

Page, Arizona

If you are living in Arizona and are interested in solo travelling, you just don’t know how lucky you are! Head over to the Page, and you will find it as the jumping-off point for the most beautiful places in Arizona. You will be blown away by the Horseshoe Bend and would simply love the famous Antelope Canyon. If you are unaware about the Antelope Canyon, it was featured in the famous wallpaper of windows 7.

This part of Arizona is really popular among travellers and tourists alike, so you are bound to make some good friends here. There are numerous free camping spots here and the food trucks there have food that you will remember forever. Most people here are easy to talk to and will guide you if you are in need of it. There are also some paid camping spots here that come complete with bathing areas and are recommended. Both the canyons here are worth visiting, and you are bound to get some amazing pictures.

San Francisco, California

Another great place from the state that was once famous for its gold, San Francisco is a great place to visit for solo travellers in California. Whoever visits this city, especially the people who are not from the states, simply falls in love with San Francisco. Why? Because there are so many mesmerizing places here for your solo adventure that you will keep coming back for more. If you are a fan of the beach, the Bay Area is beautiful, with temperate weather, and a unique cultural charm. Many European tourists say that this place reminds them of home.

This place is also a great destination for detox tours. There are numerous picturesque spots here, and you can easily get enrolled in a yoga or meditation class to clear your mind of all the toxic thoughts it’s been gathering at the workplace. If you are a fan of music, you can head over here during Outside or Pride Lands music festivals. You will get to see some live music performances here and make some friends at concerts. If you have rented a car for travelling, you can head over to the desert to enjoy a long drive in peace. All introverts like it and some extroverts also prefer such activities when they need a break from their daily routine.


Bayfield, Wisconsin

Are you planning to visit the Bayfield area for your next solo adventure? You must know that the Midwesterners are one of the friendliest bunch in the entire USA and they sure live up to the expectations. Bayfield is an artsy town with a lot of outgoing people living in it. From outside, it looks small enough to feel cosy, but don’t get deceived by its looks. This city is packed with places to visit, and you will find plenty to do on your solo trip here.

You can join a kayaking trip if you are feeling really adventurous, but on usual days a simple boat trip would also do the trick. There are numerous orchards here, and if you have your own ride, you can drive up to them and have a great time. If you love beaches and quirky hangouts, this place has it all. For camping lovers, Bayfield has plenty of amazing camping spots. If you find yourself here in winters, do visit the famous cave’s ice over. They look incredible. For photography lovers, this place has Lake Superior, the launching point for the Apostle Islands. Do visit Bayfield if you want to return home with loads of amazing photos to share with your friends.


Moab, Utah

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the Moab is simply a mecca for people like you. Extroverts who are all about the camper van life, hiking, bouldering, and kayaking, this tourist destination will never disappoint them. It is a place of mesmerizing Canyonlands and incredible arches. You can head over to the Arches National Parks or the Dead Horse Point State Park to find the most gorgeous areas on Earth. There is a high concentration of incredible rock formations here and numerous free campsites. Does this sound like a perfect destination for landscape photographers?

Love making new friends on all your solo adventures; this place will be perfect for you. There are so many people hanging around the coffee shops, the free campsites, and Dead Horse Point that you can have all the company you like. If you are there, don’t miss the sunset at the Dead Horse Point. You’ll not only make some great friends there but also go back home with some great pictures. There are numerous places in Utah that attract a certain kind of people, and when they all get together at a destination they love, the scene turns into something outdoorsy and social. It tends to be social. Moab is just that destination.

These were our top picks for people attempting solo travelling in the USA. All the information mentioned in this article has been collected from first hand experience and is authentic to the word. Do give these destinations a chance, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.