Excel spreadsheets present data and information in an intelligible way. That’s why many business people and most entrepreneurs use spreadsheets for the easiest way to interpret important figures and data. It could be the company’s monthly or quarterly income and expenses, or might be its current assets and liabilities.

However, if your spreadsheets contain so much information, you might encounter several issues in using them. The more information you input, the more its file sizes increase. Hence, it may take so much time to view the spreadsheets, upload them online whenever necessary, and even share them with other devices of your colleagues.

That’s why you need to convert these spreadsheets to PDF to compress the files and decrease their file size. Then, you’ll consequently find it easy to manage them efficiently. The most reliable file conversion platform you can find online is PDFBear, which offers you access to its file converter online for free. Here are the details below of the most reliable and the quickest file conversion process using PDFBear.

Fast Conversion Process

When it comes to an online tool that offers a quick process, PDFBear tops the rest. The file conversion won’t take much of your time. In fact, you only need to spend a few seconds to convert your Excel spreadsheets to a PDF format, but it still depends on the number of spreadsheets you’re processing. The more files you convert, the more time you need.

When you convert Excel to PDF online, you need to upload your spreadsheets on the official website of PDFBear. The system will immediately initiate the conversion process that will take within a few seconds. After that, the PDF copy of your Excel spreadsheets is now ready to download. That’s how fast it is to convert your files using PDFBear.

Compatibility Features

Using the conversion tool of PDFBear, you’ll never encounter any issues with what device you use and what operating system you have. You can use a laptop computer, desktop, and even the tablet and smartphone you always use every day. Even if you’re using an Android or iPhone, the system of PDFBear accepts uploads from any of these.

Moreover, PDFBear doesn’t need any additional apps or extended computer software. It only requires you to have a functional device and a stable internet service. Then, you’ll always have access to the file conversion tool of PDFBear, and get your Excel spreadsheets converted to PDF anytime you want. That’s how convenient it is to use the PDFBear conversion tool.

Highest Security Level

One of the important features of the PDFBear conversion tool is its high level of file security. Your spreadsheets may contain important data and information that you don’t want other people to access without your permission. Hence, you may also become hesitant to upload these files on the official website of PDFBear for file conversion.

You don’t have to worry because PDFBear uses a technology that will always make your files safe while using the online platform. After downloading your converted spreadsheets to your file storage, the system will completely erase whatever files you’ve uploaded online. After one hour, everything will be permanently deleted from the file storage of PDFBear. That’s how secure your files are using the PDFBear online platform.

High-Quality Results

You might have spent so much time transferring all of the data and information from the raw sources to the Excel spreadsheets. You may have exerted an enormous amount of effort in moving every bit of information to an individual cell of spreadsheets one by one. Hence, when you convert the file to PDF, you always expect that the PDF copy has the same quality as in Excel.

However, some people have experienced technical issues with file conversion while using other platforms. Some texts are unreadable, images and photos aren’t clear, and other data and information are faded or missing. You don’t have to worry because the technology of PDFBear will never let you experience any of these.

When you process the file conversion on PDFBear, the system will literally transfer everything you input in Excel to the PDF copy. If you’re using the converted PDF, you may feel like you’re using Excel. That’s how the PDFBear conversion tool works with your files. It aims to produce high-quality outputs as its topmost priority.


You may find other platforms online that offer free file conversion tools. However, not all of these tool providers provide the same quality as the PDFBear provides to its users. If you haven’t tried it yet, visit the official website of PDFBear now and see what else the platform can offer to your electronic files.