Liposuction helps patients achieve a slimmer body by removing body fat in specific areas such as the thigh, buttocks, and abdomen. As such, it’s no wonder that this cosmetic surgical procedure is becoming increasingly common and popular by the day.

According to the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report published by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), there were over 2 million cosmetic procedures in the U.S in 2020. Within that number, liposuction accounted for about 10%.

With so many doctors and facilities today performing different kinds of liposuction procedures, many people interested in the procedure may find the information a bit too overwhelming. You need to look to reputable facilities like Premier Liposuction to make sure everything is as you want.

To make it all a lot easier to digest, here’s a list of things you need to have in mind before getting liposuction for the first time.

Liposuction Will Not Help You Lose Weight

This may come as a shock, especially if you’re considering lipo to help you lose a massive amount of weight. But the truth is, liposuction is not a weight-loss strategy.

The purpose of lipo is to help remove stubborn areas of fat that distort the proportion of the body and cannot be alleviated by exercise or diet. People who can expect the best outcome from liposuction are those who are slightly or close to obese.

Understand How the Process Goes

You must familiarize yourself with what the procedure entails before you go under the knife.

The surgeon will make minor incisions in your skin and insert a device known as a cannula into the fat. The cannula is attached to a suction tool that extracts the fat.

This is usually a simple outpatient procedure that patients undergo and are often released within the same day. You can even go back to work in a few days and resume activities such as exercise in a fortnight or less.

Note that this depends on the area treated, post-surgical care, and the amount of fat extracted.

Consider the Potential Risks

As is with any surgery, liposuction presents certain risks, albeit minor. Some of the risks that can materialize include dimpling and bagginess of the skin. Make sure you consult with your plastic surgeon so you can weigh your options and assess whether the risks are worth the results.

If you get the impression that the doctor isn’t too willing to discuss the risks or imply that the process doesn’t present any risks or discomfort at all, it’s likely that they’re not trustworthy professionals.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t have the body shape you feel is ideal for you, liposuction can help remodel your body to a figure you please. However, some people often feel guilty for using liposuction to help them gain a little confidence boost.

The truth is, liposuction is not ‘cheating’. Not everyone has the time, flexibility, or willingness to work out and improve their self-image. After all, a lot of us make certain efforts to improve our appearances, such as dying our hair and whitening yellowed or discolored teeth.

You don’t have to settle with stubborn fat in your body if there’s an easy solution that can make an instant difference.