With the gym currently closed due to lockdown, it’s time to start working out at home. But before you make any purchases, here x things to consider when buying weights for home gym.

Your strength

Before buying any weights, consider your current strength. If your strength is at 100kg, then there’s no need to buy a 50kg barbell. Inversely, if your resilience is at 50, there’s no need to buy 100kg weights. So, with that in mind, purchase weights that almost match your strength and allow you to add progressive overloads.

The exercise you want to perform.

The exercise you want to perform significantly affects the equipment you will use. If you want to perform deadlifts, go for barbells instead of dumbbells. On the other hand, if you want to perform a one-arm swing, go for dumbbells, not barbells.

Consider if you have the space to store the equipment

If you have any machinery at home, you know that gym equipment consumes a lot of storage space. If you have a small home, it would be mediocre to purchase equipment that doesn’t fit into your home. Otherwise, how would it be a home workout if you can’t store the equipment? Having said that, if your house is small than usual, buy something that fits and doesn’t consume too much space.

Consider the limitation of the equipment you want to buy

Each piece of gym equipment has its own pros and cons. Barbells, in particular, engage fewer muscle groups compared to dumbbells. As such, one will need to lift more to get the same effect to dumbbells. On the other hand, barbells are the best for muscle gains compared to dumbbells. As a result, they are more effective. Therefore, with that in mind, consider the limitation of the equipment and how it affects your gains.


If you are on a budget, go for low-end/used equipment. It’ll help you save more money and possibly buy more equipment for less. However, if you have the money to finance a high-end gym, buy the best possible equipment—it’ll help with your gains. On the same note, consider using voucher codes or online coupons; they have great deals.

The possible uses of each equipment

Before buying, you want to ensure that you will make the most of that equipment. Instead of buying one function equipment, buy versatile something that is versatile and has numerous functions. An excellent example of this is a weight bench; you will be surprised by the innumerable exercise you can do with a bench.

The accessories that support that particular equipment

Almost all weight equipment has an accessory to improve its functionality. If you are buying gym equipment, consider accessories like mats, collars as well as storage options. These accessories will help keep your equipment in shape, guard your floors, and hold your weights to the bar.

Online shopping

The advantages of online shopping are endless. For starts, your equipment is delivered at your doorstep minus having to visit the store. Further, buying online allows you to shop using a coupon code; in turn, this grants you great deals

Before buying gym equipment, you’ll want to land the best deals you can. To do this, shop at AliExpress and use AliExpress Promo Codes before payment. Using their coupon code will land you a discount on products bought at AliExpress.


The definition of a warranty is quite basic—it’s a certificate of ownership that allows you to return the product if it spoils/unsatisfactory. Most pieces of gym equipment don’t come cheap; as such, you want to ensure that it has a warranty that guarantees your money back if it’s not durable.

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