If you find that you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, it can be time to finally get help. Even though you may feel like you have it all under control, if you find that you are drinking every day, you are drinking to numb your emotions, or you are drinking to excess every time that you go to a party or family function, this can be a warning sign that your alcohol use is spiraling out of control.

Alcohol use can quickly turn from infrequent use to full-blown addiction and dependence in no time. If you find that you are using alcohol for unhealthy reasons and you are no longer enjoying drinking, this is the best time that you can get help at an addiction recovery center. By realizing that you have a problem, you can then take the necessary steps to get back on track with your life – and get sober!

But what can you expect at an addiction recovery center? If you have never been to a treatment facility or rehab in the past, you might be apprehensive about checking yourself into an addiction recovery center like The Forge Recovery Center. However, by knowing what to expect, you can feel confident, and rest assured, this is a smart decision for your future.

The first 3 steps of getting help at an addiction recovery center

If you are checking yourself into a rehab center for alcoholism, these are the first three steps that you can expect as a new patient at this rehab program.

Medical detoxification

The first step of going to an addiction recovery center is usually going through medical detoxification. If you find that you have been drinking excessively for a long time or you have been on a recent binge, you need to withdraw from the substance. Your body needs to learn how to function without relying on alcohol – which means you need to go through detox so your body can regain normality. This typically is a days-long or weeks-long process that involves some unwanted side effects – but the professionals at an addiction recovery center can help you manage the unpleasant side effects of alcohol withdrawal.

Individual counseling

The second step of getting help at an addiction recovery center for alcoholism is going through individual counseling. You will meet with your individual therapist and begin talking about why you’re drinking, what is driving you to drink, and why you want to finally get clean and stay sober.

Group therapy

The third step of going through addiction recovery is going to group therapy. You can bond with others and see how they can help you with guidance and advice that pertains to your current situation. Learn from others in your rehab clinic so you can take the coping mechanisms and skills out into the real world after you are done with your addiction recovery program.


If you have never been to an addiction recovery center; you might feel nervous going into the treatment facility for the first time. However, by knowing what to expect, you can adhere to your program and feel confident during your recovery process!