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Skytorrents, a rising star in the field of online torrent services, offers an ad-free, privacy-focused platform for users seeking various types of downloadable content. The platform is relatively recent, but made waves due to its user-friendly design and commitment to user privacy – a key aspect setting it apart from many competitors in the torrenting sphere.

A major strength of Skytorrents lies in its vast database that encompasses a wide range of categories including movies, TV series, music, games, software, and more – available at the fingertips of global users around the clock. Moreover, the site allows direct access to magnet links leading to efficient, quick downloading processes without the need to navigate multiple pages.

Prioritizing user security, Skytorrents does not track its users and ensures no intrusive ads infiltrate your browsing experience. It also features a straightforward interface, making the website easy-to-navigate even for the novice torrent user.

What happened to SkyTorrents?

SkyTorrents launched with a promise to be an extremely private platform for users, its commitment to not tracking user data and not running ads really set it apart from other torrent sites. However, despite its popularity and a promising start, the site ended up closing down just after two years into operation.

The primary reason cited for its closure is its unsustainable costs. Memory servers and bandwidth proved too expensive to maintain without ad revenue or user data to sell. They refused to compromise their core values of privacy and a no-ads policy, which unfortunately backfired on them when they could not afford the maintenance cost anymore.

Furthermore, SkyTorrents faced several issues with copyright infringements, and as is common with many torrenting websites, received multiple complaints and legal notices, adding to their challenges.

After shutting down in early 2018, a simplified clone site, Skytorrents.lol, appeared with a reduced size, but whether it officially ties back to the original creators remains unclear. The new site still upholds the principles of privacy but has neither the depth nor scale of the original SkyTorrents, which means that many fans are still left missing the extensive database of torrents that SkyTorrents once offered.

Risks that exist when downloading torrents – SkyTorrent

Privacy is compromised depending on the type of torrent: If you download Torrent files without the use of a VPN network, Internet providers will be able to easily track your IP and then find out who you are and what your location is. This is something that is very much related to hackers who can also easily find our IP.

We can be infected with a computer virus: When not verified, Torrent files can contain viruses. Therefore, before starting to download any type of file. It is recommended to use a good antivirus and also always choose to download those torrents that are better known. We will be able to do something in an easy way since all we have to do is read the comments of users who have already downloaded that file.

SkyTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites

Proxy Site List

List of the best alternatives to SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents was once one of the best portals to download files quickly and safely, although, over time, it began to cause problems and not only because of its legal persecution but also because it had no advertising, required donations from users. To pay the cost of their servers.

But after its final closure, it left those people without a meeting portal to download files, although the truth is that there are other alternatives to Skytorrents that are still active. We present all of them below; these are free and working P2P download websites. These are the alternatives sites to skytorrents below:


Elitetorrent is a platform oriented to offer the best premieres of television series and movies. Its programming is loaded with movies from all eras, famous series, and various documentaries, totally in Spanish or subtitled, so you don’t miss a script. It is best alternative to skytorrents or sky torrent.

  • Films are available in different dubbing options
  • You can choose between a torrent download or select a magnet link
  • The website offers recommendations based on the content you have downloaded

The Pirate Bay – Skytorrents

Pirate bay is one of the best-known platforms in the torrent world where you can find practically any content you need. Pirate bay is the another alternative to skytorrents.

You can do the search from the enabled bar or access the list with the most popular torrents of the moment. Most of the contents are verified.

The Pirate Bay links and proxies:

  • https://piratebay.live/
  • https://www.pirateproxy.space/
  • https://tpb.party
  • https://thepiratebay.zone/
  • https://piratebayblocked.com


RARBG platform is known for its quality as well as for the variety of files it has. It has a news section and a list with the best 10 torrents of the moment. RARBG torrents is the excellent alternative to skytorrents.

All files are organized by category and offer details about the users who have uploaded it or the number of seeds available.


EZTV is the web par excellence to download all kinds of content related to the world of television. You can access series that aired a few decades ago or do a search by country. It is the good alternative to skytorrents.

You can also use the search bar to locate a specific file.


The Nyaa platform is a popular website among users looking for specific torrents from the anime world.

  • Allows magnet link downloads
  • It has an option for platform users to upload their own torrents

Nyaa is the another and best alternative to skytorrents.


YTS has strived to offer only quality files in a size that will hardly take up space on your computer. It is the best alternatives to SkyTorrents; I offer you YTS.ag, a torrent file platform designed to store countless movies and offer them to its growing users. You can find the highest-grossing films from different times, so you don’t deprive you from watching them.


Limetorrent has managed to become one of the safest torrent search engines of the moment. On the one hand, all available files have been verified. On the other hand, you can make anonymous downloads. Limetorrents is the best alternative to SkyTorrents. I assure you you will be able to find the highest-grossing films of all time, as well as the least recognized but that you like.


Torrentz is a powerful metasearch engine that uses a very simple but effective interface indexing around 60 million files. The process is as simple as entering a keyword in the search bar and accessing all the available results. We recommend Torrentking as an alternative to skytorrents.


Torrents.me is also one of the torrent sites that we want to recommend as an alternative to SkyTorrents. A website that has a clean interface, as well as a trend marker that will help us to know which files are the most downloaded.


Toorgle is unlike the websites so far mentioned, a quite particular torrent search engine since it works similarly to Google. As soon as we enter the web, we realize even how much it looks like the famous search engine. All we have to do is put the content we want to download into your search engine, and we will see how several torrent sites appear where the file that is we want to download.


Popcorn-time.to is also one of the best alternatives to SkyTorrents since on this website, you can see all kinds of movies, especially the latest releases, and with very good quality. This is a portal that undoubtedly has a very large library, so that not only allows us to see recent titles but in it, you can see many cinevez telugu movies. The only thing you have to do is enter the name in the search engine and check what results from its returns.


Zooqle is an excellent alternative to Skytorrents, even though it doesn’t act as a tracker. It is not a veteran website, but its database continues to grow. The contents are verified, improving security in downloads.

Although most of its content focuses on movies and television, you can find torrents of many other themes such as anime, books, games, and even hentai content.


Also, among the alternatives to Skytorrents that we want to recommend, we want to mention RuTracker.org, a portal that attracts millions of visitors per month, with more than 13 million registered users. The developers of the portal are located in Russia, although in this country, the site remains blocked. However, through this other domain, we found that it is still active.

Monova.org – Skytorrents

Finally, we want to recommend Monova.org, which is a website that has a simple but quite functional design. An alternative that is also considered one of the best portals for torrent download websites (Megashare), with very good quality files and hardly any advertising.

Torrent paradise – Skytorrents

Torrent Paradise has a very similar design to Skytorrents. From the search drawer, you can access a large database with almost 3 million indexed torrents.

There is hardly any invasive advertising, and the link crawling process is quite fast and effective.

What is the best alternative to Skytorrents?

The most recommended alternatives to Skytorrents is moviezwap and cataz net. Firstly, it is a website that stands out for being extremely easy to use. Since you only have to enter the search term to access an extensive database.

The website updates the existing torrent base every day, adding an average of 20,000 torrents per day. It should be noted that Torrent Paradise uses a copy of The Pirate Bay database and that it also uses a decentralized network, which makes it a much more stable website.

If you are looking for quality, efficiency, and speed, lightdl and 8xmovies will offer you the service you are looking for.

Conclusion – SkyTorrents

In conclusion, despite its unfortunate shutdown, SkyTorrents etched an indelible mark in the sphere of torrenting platforms. The site stood apart with its staunch commitment to user privacy and zero-advertisement policy. Its clear, straightforward interface made it a user-friendly portal for a plethora of downloadable online content, spanning a multifaceted array of categories.

In this ;post we have mentioned the best alternatives to Skytorrents with which you can try and decide which one you like best. Find them now on your computer in dark mode!


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