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In the world of free content sharing and downloads, RARBG holds prominence as a popular torrent site. It was founded in 2008, nestled among the pioneers of peer-to-peer file-sharing that uses the BitTorrent protocol. RARBG gained popularity for its comprehensive range of torrents, user-friendly interface, and high-quality content across movies, TV shows, games, music, and software.

The platform stands out for its extensive content library that spans numerous genres – movies, TV shows, music, software, games, and much more. Each torrent listed in RARBG’s comprehensive directory comes with relevant statistics on seeds, peers, ratings, and comments.

However, torrenting sites often face restrictions or blocks due to various legalities associated with copyrighted content. In these territories, users resort to proxy and mirror sites to continue enjoying their favorite files from such platforms.

Through these mechanisms, fans of RARBG can still access their extensive range of torrents globally, despite any local blockades or restrictions. In this article, we will delve into the top RARBG proxy and mirror sites, as well as discuss the best alternatives to RARBG.

RARBG – RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites [All Working]

The accessibility of RARBG sometimes varies due to geographical locations and legal constraints. Therefore, using proxy sites becomes essential to ensure continuous, unrestricted access in regions where it’s blocked or unavailable. Below is a list of several verified RARBG proxy sites:

A friendly reminder: since these websites are essentially providing you with pirated content, it’s important to exercise caution while interacting with them. Protect your privacy by using VPNs and ensure your device has an up-to-date antivirus system to prevent any potential harm.

How to Safely Access RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites

Step 1: Understanding the Importance of VPNs: Understanding why VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are essential is the initial step. A VPN essentially masks your online presence, ensuring your activity remains anonymous and secure from potential threats.

Step 2: Choosing the Right VPN: With a range of VPN services available, it’s crucial to select one that aligns with your needs. Consider factors like speed, reliability, number of servers, and privacy policies while making the selection. Top choices for users often include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost.

Step 3: Download and Install the VPN: Proceed to download your chosen VPN from either their official website or app store. Follow through installation steps as prescribed by the service.

Step 4: Connect to a Server: After installation, launch the VPN and sign up/ log in to your account. Subsequently, connect to a server of your choice. It’s best practice to connect to servers outside your region for increased anonymity.

Step 5: Navigate to the Proxy Site: Once your VPN is up and running, safely navigate to your preferred RARBG proxy site. The combination of the proxy site and your VPN should offer a secure environment for you to browse and download content.

Remember, the above guidelines serve to increase safety when navigating RARBG proxy sites, but ultimate internet safety lies in responsible browsing and adherence to legalities governing the use of such platforms in specific regions.

How to Download Movies using RARBG Proxy

  1. First install VPN in your computer
  2. Click on Enable VPN in your PC
  3. Now click on any of the RARBG Proxy/Mirror sites
  4. Now click on search bar to download the torrent files you need.
  5. Click on the proper file to download and open it with a BitTorrent client like uTorrent.

How to Unblock RARBG

If the rarbg main site is blocked (https://rarbg.to) by your internet service provider (ISP), you can unblock it with the help of web browser proxies like below.

Tor Browser

The Onion Router (TOR) is a collection of individual network systems which helps us in unknown web communication. With the help of TOR browser you can utilize programs and unblock any confined or restricted websites like RARBG.

Click and Download TOR Browser Here

RARBG Alternatives | Sites Like RARBG

When you’re unable to access RARBG or just looking for some fresh, reliable alternatives, these popular torrenting sites might serve your needs well. Keep reading and discover what the characteristics of this portal that can serve as an alternative to websites such as skytorrents, ExtraTorrent, megashare, or Kickass Torrents.


If you do not want to access a rarbg, EZTV is probably the best destination for you, if you are looking for an extensive list of torrents. However, it is presented as a good alternative for any rarbg mirror sites, since it has a vast database of torrents. Search for the title you want, and then select from the drop-down list. One of the main advantages of EZTV over any other rarbg proxy is that the content is updated continuously.

Take a look at the Best EZTV Proxies and Mirrors:

  • https://eztv.unblocked.llc/
  • https://eztv.unblocked.pl/

LimeTorrents – RARBG

LimeTorrents is online for quite some time. However, it seems that it is getting the glory by offering BitTorrent content of many genres. Limetorrents is highlighted by the status bar of each torrent. Compared to a proxy RARBG, this saves time by letting you know directly if it is worthwhile to waste your time and bandwidth by downloading that specific content. Therefore, you can decide that it is not necessary to unlock rarbg alternatives you can use LimeTorrents.


YTS.ag is a torrent site focused on providing YTS YIFY movies. These are known throughout the web for their perfect blend of high definition image quality and moderately small size. That makes it a pretty good alternative for a RARBG proxy site, do not you think

Kickass torrents

Kickass torrents exist more than 10 years ago and currently passes the 10 million torrents added. It has an API that makes it very easy to integrate with any website, and the advanced search and presentation features make it very easy to use. Also, unlike a RARBG proxy sites, Kickass torrents have a user voting system, as well as full community participation to keep your content updated.

Best Proxies and Kickass Mirrors:

  • https://thekat.info/
  • https://kickass.cd/
  • https://kat.li/
  • http://kickasstorrents.to/

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay needs no introduction, as they are currently the most popular torrent sites available on the internet. Well, there is a group of community users who share copyrighted data, but if you dig deeper into the site, you can discover many data that can be downloaded without worrying about the right things. So, The Pirate Bay is another best RARBG alternatives you can consider.

1337x – rarbg

If you want to know how to assert 1337x, you have to go back to the times of the web nicknames. 13377x has an extensive database of magnetic links and torrent files that can be shared through the BitTorrent protocol. 1337x is a public crawler, which is what you get with proxy RARBG alternatives, but it has specific functions for registered users.

Best Proxies and 1337x Mirrors:

  • https://1337x.unblocked.vet/
  • https://1337x.st/
  • https://x1337x.ws/


What if I look for eBooks? In Torlock you have series and movies of all kinds so yes, it is a RARBG alternative valid as all the previous ones. However, here the specialization is in other types of content, such as eBooks. In addition to that, it also has an extensive variety of content around anime. And as for navigation, it is an intuitive site, well organized and even with a list of the 100 most downloaded torrents.


Demonoid is a site and BitTorrent crawler created by an anonymous Serb known only by the pseudonyms “Deimos” and “Zajson.” The indexes of torrent sites submitted by its members. Demonoid.com ranked 502 in the most popular general site as of December 2010, according to Alexa. Demonoid’s torrent tracker had about three million pairs in 2007.


ExtraTorrent.cc is the most extensive BitTorrent system. Its purpose is to provide an easy-to-use directory and search engine for all types of torrent files. ExtraTorrent visitors can upload torrents to this site, monitored by any tracker.


Torrentz2 is the best alternative of rarbg, Torrentz2.eu is a clone, follower of the site Torrentz.eu – Torrent is a meta-search engine and a multi-search. That means you need to search for other search engines. – Torrentz is a potent internet search location tool. Torrent is not a torrent cache, torrent tracker nor a torrent directory.


Best download site on interwebs! I do not care what you do in the internets. We store the data that you typed during registration. The password is stored encrypted with a one-way algorithm; we do not know it. Access records are kept for 24 hours for security purposes, then deleted. Zooqle is a non-profit indexing internet service; all data are aggregated and indexed without human intervention. Zooqle is the best alternative to rarbg.


Torrent Rover – Discover and download torrent data from the internet. With a fresh and simple look, quick searches, and intuitive operation, you can find and download. You can run and save many searches, so you do not miss your search progress. Torrent rover is the another site which is the best alternative of rarbg.

Tree Torrent

TreeTorrent is a great meta-search engine for torrents, currently indexing most famous torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay, 300mbmovies4u, Torrentz, IsoHunt, cpasbien and lightdl downloads. It is the best alternative of ”rarbg”.


TorrentKing is a meta-movie engine; it means that it finds torrents on the web and combine them into a single page for each movie where you can find all related files for this particular movie, also the data are sorted for different rip source. You can also choose your custom filters to find correctly what you are looking for.

Torrent Project

A simple search engine, more than 8 million torrents and everything you need available for download. In Torrent Project the interface is simple, and the results are fast, so it seems to us the best option as a search engine for pure torrents, without hosting the files.


Remember downloading copyright material is illegal in many jurisdictions. Always make sure to follow all applicable laws and regulations when accessing these types of websites.

We have shared the top 15 alternatives of RARBG, and we have also shared rarbg proxy and mirror sites to unlock rarbg, which provide high-quality Movies, TV Series, and Web Series. You can watch and download any movies from these websites like HDMp4Mania, moviezwap and cataz movies. If we miss anything that isn’t listed here you can comment on us and we will be honored to adding your suggestion in the article.

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