Wooden Educational Toys

Many young parents, wanting to give their baby the best, think about what educational toys will be most useful to the child. Now, on the market, there is a range of offers from manufacturers of wooden educational toys, and this is not surprising. Wood is recognized as one of the best materials for play due to its pleasant tactile properties, lack of health concerns, and long service life. Let’s take a look at what toys you can find for your child’s early development.

Types of Wooden Educational Toys

Like other types of toys, wooden toys are divided by age group:

  • The set of educational wooden toys for toddlers usually includes several items of simple shapes that differ in color. Such toys are designed to develop a child’s fine motor skills, teach them to analyze shapes and colors, and form the beginnings of logical thinking.
  • For older children, wooden toys are made more challenging, with tasks that teach problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive learning, and alphabet or number recognition.
  • Preschoolers are recommended toys for imaginative play, emotion recognition, and creativity with open-ended play and sensory activities.

Also, educational wooden toys for kids are chosen depending on the tasks facing teachers and parents:

  1. Games that help a child learn STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) concepts: study the concepts of force, gravity, and velocity using simple games as an example.
  2. Wooden toys for cognitive learning, which develop storytelling skills, and sensory skills and help to learn ABCs, numbers, and writing simple words.
  3. Balancing, stacking, and sequencing games to train problem-solving skills and spatial understanding.
  4. Toys for role play and development of imagination and creativity and allowing the child to pretend play without predetermined outcomes.

Do not think that wooden toys are old-fashioned and the child will not want to play with them. Leading manufacturers of educational games, such as Bimiboo, create new shapes from unique sketches to accelerate child’s learning and make it fun.


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