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Pursue These Emerging Medical Fields In 2020

As we go further into 2020, there are emerging new developments in the medical sector and its associated technologies. The spread of COVID-19 has rampantly changed the face of healthcare systems and organizations; there are more jobs in the health industry than ever before. From AI to 5G capabilities and robotics, new jobs in the health sector are being shaped and created to improve the efficiency of services. 

Furthermore, as the majority of the global population continues to age, we are living in a time of increased healthcare needs. Thus, when we assess the demand for doctors, nurses, and essential healthcare workers, we also come face to face with its supply. 

The following article will elaborate on the emerging medical careers in 2020 and their contribution to the health of the global population.

Different Kinds Of Healthcare Jobs To Consider

Whether you are looking to a radiologist or want to get into the world of nurse practitioners, there are many ways you can help people. The following are some examples to deliberate on and choose for yourself: 

Health Informatics Specialist

Health informatics is the acquisition, storage, and recovery of healthcare data. It can generate better collaboration between different healthcare providers and their patients. 

After receiving your degree in master of science in health informatics, you become a specialist who plays a vital role in pushing towards reform within the medical sector. The specialization is known for linking IT, communications, and healthcare to improve patient care at the hands of professionals. As more and more providers store all the information related to a patient’s care, the upgrade of these databases aid the development of an impenetrable system. 

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners (NP) are licensed to do as much as most physicians can. Over the next decade, with the repercussions of the coronavirus, the demand for medical services will surely increase. As NPs have the benefit of median salaries and revolutionary technology. This emerging career is proving to be extremely lucrative and popular. More and more NPs are in demand for adult care, neonatal and pediatric specializations, among others. 

Physician Assistant

There is a concerning physician shortage around the world as more and more patients find their ways into hospital beds. This alarming statistic is paving the way for bright prospects. The full physician training course takes up to ten years, but licensed physician assistants may get recruited in three years. This new career has a high employment rate and gives more room for healthcare organizations to hire skilled staff members. These assistants can work in nursing, paramedics, or even as EMT (Emergency medical technician) depending on their qualifications and experience. 


Narrow AI systems and deep learning algorithms are buzzing around the medical field due to their operational efficiencies. News reports are going around that showcase AI systems that can easily outperform radiologists in cancer detection. However, the addition of this technology to expert radiology skills will augment the field. In simple words, radiologists will be free from repetitive and monotonous tasks, and they can focus their energies on revolutionizing their field with innovative solutions. 

Healthcare Data Scientist

The AI revolution has brought about several beneficiaries within the healthcare sector. There is a range of applications in disease detection, the discovery of drugs, and the delivery of patient care as well. When new talent emerges into healthcare data science, they see the optimization of workflow in an instant. 

With better clinical diagnostics and image analysis. This groundbreaking field requires the implementation of keen data science to improve active algorithms and assist medical professionals around the globe.  


There is a higher proportion of medically complex patients in hospitals than ever before, which is why the outlook on nocturnists is being changed and accepted more widely. These professionals are mostly doctors who practice during the night to assist the demand of people who need their help. These professionals often have to work by themselves without the assistance of other specialists, which makes their job critical and complicated. An added benefit of this career path is the autonomy you will be able to enjoy when you are working alone.

Medical Virtualist

We are experiencing a remarkable upsurge in the telehealth market, especially with the majority of countries on strict lockdown. As this career path gains traction, more and more people rely on these services for telepsychiatry services, amongst others. Health systems are also adding telemedicine to these services, by which they provide care triage, specialty consulting, and virtual rounding. Even if these services seldom require proper licensing and qualifications. They have become a necessity in the time we live in now.          

In Conclusion

As medical jobs are being taken over by robotics and automation. This is time for new careers to come forward within the field. It is evident that new opportunities are emerging for talented individuals like medical virtualist and healthcare data scientist. It is up to you to understand your skill set and hone it with these revolutionary careers. 


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