Are you worried that you or someone close to you might have an alcohol problem?

Alcohol happens to be one of the most abused addictive substances in the world. While taking one or two beers may not have much effect on your life, alcohol abuse can have dire implications on not just your health but your work, family, and social relationships.

The good news is that alcoholism is something you or your loved one can overcome. Checking yourself into an alcohol detox center like Detox Locally and committing to a recovery plan is the best way to do it.

But, the distinction between drinking for fun and alcohol abuse is often blurred. In most cases, people with alcohol use disorders don’t often see the signs leading to an addiction. So, in this article, we talk about common signs that can tell if you or someone you know needs help.

Getting Drunk Everyday

Most experts agree that one shouldn’t drink more than three times a week. Anything more than that exposes you to a host of potential health problems. So, if you’re drinking every single day, you likely have an alcohol problem and may not even know it.

Constantly Thinking About Alcohol When You’re Not Drinking

Do you find yourself thinking about alcohol when you’re at work or spending time with your family? One of the most common signs of alcohol addiction is constantly obsessing over alcohol when sober. You’ll find that the only way to make these cravings go away is to actually satisfy them with a drink, causing you to drink even more.

Drinking in Excess or for Longer Than You Plan to

Has a trip to the bar for 1 or 2 drinks turned out to drinking for several hours or sometimes the entire night? Alcoholism can mess with your sense of self-control such that you have no control over how much or how long you drink. If you’re at this point, you should definitely consider checking into a detox center immediately.

Experiencing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

If you try to avoid drinking and experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you might be suffering from an addiction. Withdrawal is self-diagnosable and may occur anywhere between a few hours to days after your last drink.

Withdrawal can affect your mood, behavior, and even physical health. Common signs that you’re experiencing withdrawal include tremors, sweating, poor appetite, nausea, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and sometimes, even hallucinations.

Choosing Alcohol Over Other Activities or Responsibilities

An alcoholic will often sacrifice important aspects of their life to drink. So, you may find yourself skipping work, canceling family dinners, or not showing up for social commitments.

But it’s not just about dedicating more time to alcohol but finances too. You could be diverting money that would otherwise pay your bills to alcohol.

Checking Into an Alcohol Detox Center Is the First Step to Beating Alcoholism

If you or someone you care about exhibits all or most of the signs listed above, consider getting professional help with your alcohol use disorder. Alcohol detox centers provide the perfect environment to address an alcohol problem and start the journey to recovery.

You don’t have to wait until the problem turns into complete alcohol dependency. Seek medical help today.