A diagnosis of MS can come as a shock to many. However, for some, it can also be a relief; that slotting in of the final jigsaw piece, the answers that had been a long time coming. For people who diagnosed with MS, self-care is essential. Continue reading for our top tips on how you can achieve that. 

Here is the tips for those diagnosed with MS.

Work-life balance

Stress usually results as an imbalance between work and non-work within your life. It occurs in everyone. However, for those who diagnosed with MS, some studies show that prolonged levels of stress can cause a relapse or a worsening of symptoms. Therefore, it is important to take action to ameliorate the situation. Avoid taking work home with you; keep home and work as two separate places. Of course, if you work from home, this will be much trickier. In that case, restrict your work to specific hours as you would in the workplace. Allow yourself precious family time and social events with friends.

Body care

Think carefully about what you are doing to your body in terms of both nutrition and fitness. Avoid taking on board too many processed foods. Aim for a balanced diet with meals out or take out reserved for treats rather than part of your weekly timetable. It is also important to ensure that you exercise regularly too. Keep your body moving and active. Do listen to your body, though, and do not push yourself too hard. However, if you are feeling full of energy one day, you may as well use it and have fun.


Indulging in your hobbies is great for your mental health. It also allows you to meet people or socialize with those you already knew. Although you will find things challenging at times, surrounding yourself with a strong support network is a great idea, and your friends are part of that. Whether you take up knitting, photography, line dancing, or cake decorating, there is literally something for everyone out there. 

Pain relief

Ensuring that you have the right pain relief for when you are going through a rough patch is crucial. Speak to a professional, to begin with, to ensure you have a variety of options available to you. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture may help too. Although this was somewhat controversial for a while, many more people are now turning to the benefits CBD oil can bring. You may wish to learn more about this before coming to a decision.


Sleep is a necessity for all. A lack thereof can cause bad moods, bad decision-making, bad concentration levels, essentially lots of bad things! There is a distinct reason as to why people keep people awake for days on end as torture. Often, shortly after diagnosis, getting enough sleep can be challenging because your mind will be focused on the MS rather than allowing you to relax and unwind properly. Try to create a sleep routine, which may involve meditation or relaxation before bed. Having a minimalistic bedroom can also help as there are fewer things to focus on, and your brain switches off more easily.