Every year most people consider working on their fitness and personal wellness only to struggle to set their routine and face frustrations with a lack of results. So if you want great fitness, which will offer a better experience, personal training, or standard gym membership?

Personal trainer: Built-in Accountability

With 1-on-1 training, there are more chances of people getting stuck to their workout routine that they have set. It’s because if you’ll have a personal trainer, there will be one more person with you who will be there for the workout.

Training personally with a trainer who is working hard with you, by design, creates an accountability system. While planning, if you don’t go to the gym, your trainer will know this and hold them accountable for the workout session which is missed.

Over time, it will lead to more workouts frequently and better results since you’ll commit to a regular schedule. Fitness results hinge on commitment and consistency, and the personal training program offered by a trainer comprises those built-in, especially if compared to gym memberships.

Regular gym: Fear of commitment

After signing up for the gym membership, there are chances that you are throwing the money away. In fact, 70% of people with membership never take advantage of that. Most people are even familiar with this.

Many of them think, “I’m going to look for the gym near me and get fit.” They only go once or twice, but when the enthusiasm is gone, so do the workout sessions. Eventually, money will be wasted, they stopped going to the gym, and no results will be seen.

Personal trainer: Guidance for better results

A 1-on-1 personal training benefit is that all your fitness routine is customized. Your personal trainer in Wimbledon will focus on developing a customized fitness training program, which will be designed as per your personal needs and body.

This means by the end of the day, all of your routines and exercises which you are using regularly are designed primarily to offer you the results you are looking for.

Instead of the treadmill in the gym, work on the exercises with your trainer that target the muscle groups in your body you need to work on. Personal training is more beneficial than membership.

Regular gym: Own training

Deciding and walking in a gym can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are a beginner. You might not know where to start from. You might spend your entire time in the gym doing exercises which will give you no results. Without any customized program, you would be working on the wrong aspects of fitness for you and your body.

While gym membership might be the popular option, personal training can be more effective. Every individual’s fitness journey is different. If you want to achieve the best results you are looking for, a personal trainer will help you get your fitness goals faster than a usual gym membership.