Do you find that your back is typically sore after a workout or a game? If this is the case, you need to find a therapy method that can help reduce soreness, improve range of motion, reduce stiffness, and lessen inflammation to help you get back on the training pitch or back in the gym in no time.

Along with other modalities that can help reduce your back pain, using all-natural methods is key to remaining healthy and providing a long-term solution for your pain. Oftentimes, back pain is due to tight hamstrings, which can be fixed using mobility exercises, stretching, and massage. In addition to these easy therapy methods, there is another less conventional option that helps you recover faster and more effectively!

Using a cupping set to help lower back pain!

Cupping is a time-tested and proven therapy method that can help individuals recover faster and better. You can reach out to Source Fitness to get a cupping set for yourself. But how do you use a cupping set if you are doing this on your own? Fortunately for athletes and people with low back pain, this is easy to use!

  • The first step of using a cupping set to help lower back pain involves cleaning the area of use and removing any body hair to ensure the cups do not pull out hair during use. If you do not shave and remove hair, you can still use the cupping set, but it will be more painful.
  • The second step of using a cupping set is to wash and disinfect the cups. Make sure you also wash the areas on the skin that you are using the cups on, which will be your lower back and upper back. Use warm salt water, and then dry the area before you place the cups on the skin.
  • The third step of using the cupping set is to make sure the inside of the cups is clean, and the valve is attached to the cup.
  • The fourth step of using the cupping set is to select the proper size of cup to ensure they are the right size for your back. Since everyone is built differently, some people may require bigger cups, whereas smaller people will need smaller cups.
  • Next, users must put some oil or cream on the target area of their back so they can easily place the cups on the skin.
  • The next step is the most complicated when using a cupping set at your own house. This step is very important, which involves users connecting the connectors, the cup, and the pump gun. Draw the gun handle to take in air from the cup and leave the cup attached to the skin by using a suction-like pressure.


After you have figured out the right steps of using the cupping set for maximum effectiveness, you can then begin using cupping sets on your own to help with lower back pain. Make sure you follow the steps in the precise order, so you use the cupping set correctly and relieve muscle pain in your body.