Penis enlargement surgery is performed under general anaesthetic.

The technique used to complete the procedure is pain free, and because you are asleep throughout.

Once you are awake and in the post-operative stage you should expect a little discomfort or pain and discomfort. This is completely normal as your body adjusted to the surgery you have had.

In the first few days and couple of weeks after surgery, alongside antibiotics, you will also be given pain relief medication to help you through any further soreness you have.

You should expect the specific area of your genitals which have been operated on to be swollen, sore and sometimes even bruised.

This is perfectly normal, and it will settle down slowly over the first weeks after the surgery. Because of this swelling and bruising you should reframe from sexual activity for some time as well as strenuous other activity such as sport or visiting the gym. Your body will too sore to manage it.

As eager as you will be to continue with your usual daily routine, patience is necessary at this time.

After three months or so the results of your surgery will be evident. There will be a small incision at the base of the pubic area which will have dissolvable stitches. These will fall out on their own during the first few weeks after penis enlargement surgery.

Always discuss pain management and how your body is likely to adapt to the surgery with a professional prior to agreeing to have the procedure.

For further information and to ensure the procedure is right for you perhaps arrange a consultation before booking in and agreeing to the surgery.