When it comes to getting a good night’s kip, many of us have tried it all. From setting a bedtime routine to no sugar before bed! Though despite our best efforts, we still find ourselves tossing and turning till the early hours and waking up feeling less than perky. So, what gives? Is there an easier way to improve our sleep that we can actually stick to? You bet. It’s time to discover the heavenly benefits of snoozing on a hybrid pillow and where you can get your sleepy heads on one. Let’s dive in.

What is a hybrid pillow?

Never heard of a hybrid pillow? Let’s get you up to speed. You likely know that traditional memory foam pillows tend to feature one type of foam and focus on providing firm support while feather and down pillows offer a softer feel and a bit more squish. Well, a hybrid pillow combines the best of both. Hybrid pillows feature multiple fills of advanced, adaptable foams while providing a super-comfy head-hugging cushioning that suits a wider range of sleepers. The hybrid pillow brings a whole range of benefits to upgrade your sleeping experience. Such as…

Advanced-Support for all sleeping positions

While not all Hybrid pillows are made equal, you want to look for those that feature ortho-paedic grade foam. This special type of foam uniquely adapts to every sleeping position, keeping your neck and spine in perfect alignment while you sleep. This can promote healthy development and improve your posture and mobility making life and sleeping a whole lot more comfortable. While advanced foams can be slightly more expensive, a decent pillow will last you at least ten years making it one of best investments on the bedtime market.

Beautifully Breathable Sleep

Imagine sleeping on that cool side of the pillow all night long? Ta-da! A hybrid pillow is your portal to beautifully, breathable sleep. Many models feature unique cooling technology that promote breathability and maximize airflow allowing you to drift off into deep, blissful sleep. From charcoal infusions to tiny air pods, advanced technology brings a beautiful, lightness to bedtime. Looking for natural fabrics like bamboo will enhance the breathability of your sleeping experience. Bamboo is one of the most breathable materials to sleep on. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those suffering with common skin conditions like eczema and allergies.

Fresh and hygienic bedtimes

We spend a lot of time in bed, (if we’re lucky) all that time with our heads on pillows can lead to build up of bacteria and unpleasant odours. Many Hybrid pillows are designed to counteract this using unique antimicrobial fabrics. Bamboo Hybrid pillows are naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and odour-resistant which is why they are one of the best choices to keep bedtime ultra-fresh and hygienic. This means you won’t have to change your pillow so often (and once you experience a hybrid, you won’t want to)

Keeps you cool and cosy every season

If you struggle with overheating at night, you’re in good company. Two in three sleepers report this as the number one reason they don’t get enough shut-eye. The good news? Many hybrid pillows feature unique cooling technology that makes the hottest summer night’s a breeze. A bamboo hybrid pillow is the champ of cool, fresh sleep. The naturally thermo-regulating fabric keeps you cool and cosy all year round, regulating your body temperature to ‘just right’ degrees. The more consistent your sleep throughout the night, the fresher and more rejuvenated you will feel come morning.

Incredible comfort night after night

The biggest benefit of hybrid pillows has to be the all in one experience. The multi-fill of foams combine the best of supportive memory foam with a delicious head-hugging softness into one incredible pillow. From pressure-point perfect alignment, breathable technology and naturally hypo-allergenic fabrics the choice of hybrid pillows now online offer something for every sleeper looking to get a good night’s sleep. And if you are after an eco-friendly option, a bamboo hybrid pillow brings you all the comfort of down without plucking a single feather. When it comes to good sleep, with a heavenly hybrid pillow you really can have it all.

If you’re ready to get your head down and find your perfect pillow, here’s a final few tips! Look for a brand that comes with excellent customer service and great reviews, these are signs you are in good hands. And finally, always choose a pillow that comes with a free home trial. This gives you both time to get to know each other and be sure you ‘ve found your perfect match.

Happy Sleeping.