Often, hair transplantation is the only option to solve a hair loss issue effectively. Nowadays, there are several hair transplant techniques available — they are absolutely safe, affordable, and show great results. New hair plantation techniques allow restoring hair not only on the scalp but also on eyebrows, beard, mustache. In this article, you will read about the most widely spread and helpful hair transplant methods.

Hair Transplant Techniques

FUE hair transplant 

FUE hair transplant is a seamless option. This technique implies the extraction of follicles from the donor area (a place from where follicles are taken), gathering them into grafts (a set of 3-4 follicles), and transplanting these grafts into the hairless area. The Donor follicles are taken from the back of the head, mustache, beard, arms, leg, pubis. It is possible to transplant a maximum of 3-4K grafts per 1 procedure. If it is requires to transplant a bigger number of grafts, an operation is repeat. 

FUE hair transplant is scarless, and its effectiveness approaches up to 96%. The FUE technique is quite affordable. You can find cheap hair transplant surgery in Turkey. Prices for hair transplant in Turkey start from $1,110.

All hair plantation techniques that represented below are modifications of FUE.


Hair technicians perform hair transplants the same way as FUE one. However, there is a difference: simultaneously with a hair transplant, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections are applied. It increases the effectiveness of hair transplant, boosts the healing and survival rate of transplanted follicles.


DHI is the same as FUE option. But when grafts are placed into a recipient area, no punctures are made. A doctor uses a special Choi pen that is similar to an auto-pen. It allows inserting grafts very fast, which makes the procedure almost painless. Moreover, no traces remain, and it is possible to transplant hairs very accurately. This option requires more time and professionalism from a doctor so that hair transplant surgery can cost more compared to a traditional FUE.

Robotic Artas 

Robotic hair transplant is perform by Artas robot, under control of a doctor. Artas chooses the most qualitative follicles, extracts them, detects the necessary hair density and length. With Artas robot, it is possible to transplant a bigger number of grafts at once, because a robot does not get tired and preserves a tempo till the end of the procedure.

Organic hair transplant

It is possible to carry out a FUE/DHI/Robotic hair transplant simultaneously with stem cell injection. As a result, strands become denser, the healing process boosts.

Every of above mention techniques is perform under local anesthesia and does not require a patient’s admission. A person returns to a hotel/home the same day after the operation. The final result will be receives in 9-12 months after the procedure.

If you want to know whether you are a good candidate for a hair transplant, and choose the best hair transplant techniques for you, get a consultation with a doctor. Only a specialist can develop the best treatment plan in your case.