We recognize that managing a chronic disease like diabetes is a huge burden. That is why we have created an expert guide that can help you purchase health insurance for diabetes. This guide will inform you how you don’t have to worry about the financial element of diabetes management once you purchase health insurance for diabetes.

Wondering if you are eligible for this type of insurance? Well, there is no upper age limit for admission. However, before enrolling, you must have a medical examination to determine your current health status. Children under the age of 25 can be covered as dependents under family floater health insurance plans. In general, diabetic health insurance policies have an age range of 18 to 65 years.

Health Insurance For Diabetes

Inclusions Of Health Insurance For Diabetes

1. Costs of hospitalization- The health insurance for diabetes should effortlessly cover you for the insured’s hospitalization due to illnesses and injuries, just like any other health insurance plan.

2. Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization- Your diagnostic and investigative charges are also covered under health insurance for diabetes. All pre-hospitalization charges up to 30 days before admission, as well as post-discharge expenses up to 60 days after discharge, are covered under the policy.

3. Procedures for day-care- Medical advances enable urgent procedures and treatments to be completed in less than 24 hours. Hence, look for health insurance for diabetes that provides coverage for up to 182 day-care facilities.

4. Ambulance Service- In the event of an emergency, get to a hospital as soon as possible. The cost of an ambulance is covered in health insurance for diabetes.

5. Expenses of Organ Donors- Donating organs are a noble cause. As a result, when a major organ transplant is performed, health insurance for diabetes covers the organ donor’s medical and surgical costs.

6. Renewability during one’s life- There’s no going back once you’ve secured yourself with health insurance for diabetes. This health insurance plan has a guaranteed renewable option for the rest of your life.

7. Save money on taxes– Did you know that a health insurance plan can help you save money on taxes as well as protect your savings? Yes, health insurance for diabetes with Care Insurance will save you up to Rs 75,000 in taxes.

8. HbA1C Advantage- HbA1C testing is covered in health insurance for diabetes; however, the coverage may differ from insurance companies and each policy year.

9. Health Educator- Get a personal, highly trained health coach to help you with your nutrition and fitness programs: to guide, remind, and create them. This is also an added advantage of health insurance for diabetes.

The Exclusions Of Health Insurance For Diabetes

1. Pre-existing conditions- After a two-year waiting period, any pre-existing condition (except diabetes or hypertension) will be covered in health insurance for diabetes.

2. Injuries caused by oneself- Intoxicant or hallucinogenic substances, such as intoxicating drugs and alcohol, have self-inflicted wounds as a result of their use and abuse. Self-inflicted injuries are not covered under health insurance for diabetes.

4. Obesity treatment or cosmetic surgery- This insurance policy does not cover the treatment for obesity or any cosmetic surgery.

5. Sexually transmitted diseases- We are aware of how serious your illness is. However, health insurance for diabetes policy excludes venereal and sexually transmitted disorders.

Your Next Step

If medical help is not sought for such a situation, it can lead to severe damage to the eyes, nerves, and kidneys over time. Diabetes also raises the risk of cardiac problems, such as strokes, and may necessitate the amputation of a leg. Pregnant women are also susceptible to gestational diabetes.

Exercise, a nutritious diet, and weight management are some of the strategies to keep diabetes under control. To lessen the risk of various health problems, you should also monitor your glucose levels regularly while taking your recommended medications. However, to safeguard yourself and your family against unforeseen events, it’s highly recommended to possess health insurance for diabetes if you haven’t already!