Fulfil bars are delicious nutrition supplements with low sugar and fats, high protein, having 9 vitamins, and coated with chocolate. For each fulfil bar you eat, about 18 – 20 grams of protein is added to your body.

Fulfil bars are the best option for you if you love eating snacks because they help you achieve your health goals. This includes losing excess weight and gaining muscles that give a perfect body shape and stamina.

Have you ever wondered whether to eat fulfil bars before going for a workout or wait till after the workout before you eat it? Then you need to read this to know when to eat fulfil bars and the effect of fulfil bars on your pursuit of weight loss.

Who should eat fulfil bars?

Fulfil bars should be eaten by anyone who seeks to increase his/her protein intake thereby increasing their performance and muscle repair. It is also recommended for anyone who is trying to lose weight since it contains a low percentage of calories. They are also a great substitute for biscuits and sweets for those who love taking snacks intermittently.

Do you always engage in long meetings and it often takes your time thereby making you not to have sufficient time to eat food? You should consider having fulfil bars in your bag. It can serve as a substitute for a real meal until you can create time for a real meal. Caution needs to be taken here, you should not replace eating good meals with fulfil bars. Nothing substitutes for a balanced diet.

When do I eat fulfil bars?

As good as eating fulfil bars is, knowing when to eat it is more important. Many people have asked for the umpteenth time, “Is eating fulfil bars before workout a good idea?” You will get answers to this question in the simplest possible words.

Fulfil bars can be eaten before or after your workout. However, the best time to eat fulfil bars is after your workout while carbohydrates should be eaten before your workout.

You should eat carbohydrates because they are vital pre-workout meals. It it supplies you with the needed energy to perform your exercise effectively. However, eating fulfil bars post-workout will aid muscle growth and repair.

How many fulfil bars should I eat per day?

When it comes to the proportion of fulfil bars you need to eat daily, it is dependent on your health goals and your doctor’s prescription. But it is recommended that you eat only 1 to 2 fulfil bars per day if you want to lose weight.

Fulfil bars are a great snack to eat for everyone most especially for people who want to lose excess fats in their body and the best time to take them is after your workout.

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