Are you someone who needs kratom so badly but confused about whether to buy it or not because you may have heard or read somewhere that it contains unpleasant taste? Do you get confused about whether you should invest your money? Then you are in the right place.

 Here, you will know what kratom tastes like, and get alternatives that you can use to improve plus enjoy your product toward acquiring all the benefits with no struggle. Users have described it to taste like bitter grass, which is normal as a remedy for ailments.

However, with the unpleasant flavor, you can now smile because there are methods to mask it that remove the unpleasant taste as well as make it easier to consume.

Where to acquire legit kratom:

You will discover that most kratom vendors sell it in powder form: In this form, you will acquire it at a more affordable price compared to other forms like capsules. However, if you can afford the capsules, it’s wiser to buy them because they will ease your work. You can also split the capsules in case you prefer the powder form after purchase.

The question you might have in mind is where to find the capsules. All you have to do is to visit the website It is a legit dealer of both the powder and the capsule varieties. They will deliver your product, ensure that you received it, and get content.

Moreover, if not satisfied, they have a customer care number and email through which you can complain about corrections or refund in case you do not acquire what you expected. Their products are already lab tested for quality, and they have experienced workers who are well versed with the products.

Is kratom safe?

This is a question that most people struggle with.  In their research, Singh et al. (2016) discovered that most people used kratom for recreation. However, this product is not just for recreational purposes but mainly for medicinal uses.

Using it wrongly and especially overdoing it is unsafe, but using it appropriately is safe. And this applies to everything for consumption. You should not take it if you are below 18 years old since an adult is responsible for taking caution, in addition to ensuring that they are responsible for utilization. People with severe pain like those who have cancer, who may have used kratom can assure you its importance in the management of pain.

Masking kratom

You can use the following substances:

Orange and lemon juice: If you love oranges or lemons, you can squeeze to extract the juice, then take with kratom combination. For best results, consume when fresh. Not only will you enjoy the benefits that come with kratom, but you will also acquire vitamin C, which is vital in the human body.

Tea: If you have not yet realized that you can brew kratom tea, you can endeavor to. It is a convenient way to consume it, in that you have the option to add flavor with the use of sugar or honey, yet it will still retain its original value.

Chocolate: Almost everyone loves chocolate. Imagine masking this product into chocolate? This is another alternative. With this, you do not have to make other preparations; once you have derived your chocolate, that’s all. Whether you are traveling, at work, or at home, you will only need to pick and consume a bar.

Blending into a smoothie: Smoothies are rich in nutrients that are vital for a healthy-hydrated body. A great way to start the day, and if you could be struggling with losing weight, this is an alternative for weight loss. You can add kratom in your smoothie to get the double benefits.

Capsules: The most common way to mask this product is by taking it in capsule form. They completely conceal the bitter taste, and all you have to do is to swallow it like other medicines such as Amoxil antibiotics.

This also makes them convenient because you can pack them during travels or busy days. Besides, this way, you will not need to measure quantities every time you need to consume them. 

Final thoughts:

Kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which shares a botanical family with coffee. Therefore, if you heard or will hear controversies about its addiction, remember that coffee is also addictive if accurate consumption is not adhered to. Be sure to take the right amounts.

Furthermore, this product has since traditionally been used as a pain reliever, anxiety control, and for the purposes of recreation. With the diverse uses and properties, it is wise to consult a doctor concerning its intake, if you have medical conditions. Just like other medicines that cure diseases, in case you experience threatening complications after taking kratom, consult with a medical practitioner.