Stubborn fat around the belly and thighs are the most common problem area for many people. It can be the hardest to lose fat in those areas, no matter how hard you try. Even men store fat differently from women, so not every diet and exercise regime will work for everybody.

There is no one in the world with a figure like you. We are all so unique in every way that the way we choose to be healthy must be different as well. Here are some unconventional ways to target fat in those major problem areas of the body.

Fasting Periods

The only way to lose fat is to expend more calories than you take in. This is weight-loss 101, but what happens when you reach a plateau and cannot lose anymore? This is a common occurrence for anyone who has been dieting and exercising for a while. Eventually, your body gets used to a certain level of exercise and healthy food and reaches a “new normal”. To combat this, you need to either change your diet again or radically intensify your exercise routine so that your body learns that it needs to adapt to a different lifestyle.

Both of these can be tough if you’re already eating very clean and working out six days a week. Try to fast for the first 12 hours of every second day by skipping breakfast. Your body will get confused thinking that you are starving yourself, and when it finally gets food, it will immediately start releasing chemicals to help process the food.

EMSculpt Neo

You could always go for invasive treatment like liposuction, but this isn’t likely to fix the root problem. Those that have tried every diet and exercise but cannot get rid of stubborn fat on one part of the body can try the EMSculpt Neo. Using high-intensity electromagnetic therapy, EMSculpt Neo can work your arms, legs, buttocks, and also stomach abs. The short electrical pulses help to build up muscle and sculpt your body.

Building muscle is the best way to lose fat on the overall body because it speeds up your metabolism, causing you to burn fat quicker. With EMsculpt Neo, your muscles will expand and contract a few thousand times.

Increase Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine is highly effective at increasing your body’s daily energy expenditure. It can help with muscle endurance, aerobic performance and increases metabolism. The trick is to not add any fat or sugar to the coffee, as this will just increase your calorie content for the day.

Green tea can also be used because of its caffeine content, and both are helpful to target stubborn problem areas. Just don’t drink too much as you could negatively affect your heart by making it work harder than normal.

Losing fat in problem areas is the bane of many people’s lives. You can work out in the gym each day and only go so far. These unconventional methods can help you to kickstart the fat-burning process, so give them a try.