It’s time to get your smile back. The time to kick those dental issues from your life is now. And one of the best ways to inotrope your oral health is by seeking the best dental services. From the mouth, teeth, to the gums, having good oral health is important. However, there are several dental services offered. The service you choose should be based on what you want to achieve. Below is a comparison of common dental services in Denmark and the UK.

Crowns & Bridges

According to the NHS, you can receive crowns and bridge services in the UK and Denmark. These services come at a price of Band 3, £269.30. However, if you need all the restoration procedures, future replacement may be necessary. It’s also important to note that these services can be offered by private providers. For instance, people have gone to private clinics to seek a metal-colored based crown from functional perspectives. Discuss with your dental specialist about the available alternative cosmetic options. Understand the risks involved and the benefits you stand to gain. Compare the risks against the benefits. This is instrumental when it comes to making the final decision.

Benefits of Routine Dental Cleaning

Dental Abscesses

A bacterial infection can lead to dental abscesses. According to experts, when pus forms due to a bacterial infection, it can cause dental abscesses. These issues can be treated by the NHS. However, private licensed clinics and dentists can handle this issue. Common signs and symptoms of dental abscesses include a swelling face and mouth. The cost of treating this issue is based on the type of clinic you visit. However, the cost is relatively affordable.


Dentures, also known as removable false teeth, are offered by the NHS (i.e. 3, £269.30) and by the Denmark health sector. These teeth are made from a material known as acrylic (plastic). They can also be made from metal. These services can also be offered in private dental clinics. Do your research well and partner with the right Danish dentists in Køge and get the dentures services.


Defined as a dental treatment that focuses on improving the appearance, functioning, as well as positioning of the abnormally arranged teeth, Orthodontics is offered by the NHS and in Denmark. However, you can get Orthodontics services in private dental clinics. The cost of the treatment depends on your condition. Ask your dentist about the cost. Also, look for alternative financing before choosing to go for the Orthodontics services. Also, be sure to partner with the right dentist. Look for a dentist with the right certification and success rate.


Other Dental Treatment

The following are additional dental treatment options you should consider:

  • Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic)—Is offered by NHS at (Band 2, £62.10).
  • Scale and polish
  • Wisdom teeth—this is charged at Band 2 (£62.10)
  • White fillings—this is charged at Band 2

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let bad oral health pin you down. Don’t let dental issues deny you a chance to smile again. With dental services, you can kick all those dental issues from your life. Whether you want to work on your gums, teeth, or mouth, you have so many options when it comes to dental services. The above are common dental services offered in both the UK and Denmark.